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Yes I just had this realization, and it probably has been way too late for this, but I guess I could call this my princess diary. I mean I am a princess, and I am writing. It’s just a very public diary that I tweet about a lot, typical diary stuff. So where did this realization come from? My first successful mashup assignment of course (and 4 stars as well!).

This assignment called for the portrayal of an actor transformation, which seems simple enough. But then the question of what actor I wanted to use came up. Luckily for me, Disney stars have always been interesting characters for sure. After all, you have Hilary Duff who starred in a TV show, then became an “edgy pop singer” and now is married to a hockey player. Or there is Lindsay Lohan, enough said. But I was not inspired by that, I was inspired by the Sound of Music. Strange right? Not so much. My friend found out that I had never seen it before and decided that I should watch it. While planning what assignments I wanted to do I decided I should do Julie Andrews, but then I changed my mind. Julie Andrews has always been a class act in the roles that she has played, so it’s mainly just her looks that are the transformation. However, I decided to do one of Julie Andrew’s many co-workers, Anne Hathaway. Check it out here!

Anne Hathaway started her career with The Princess Diaries, which I still pretty much watch on a regular basis. The story has a transformation in itself with Mia going from drab to fab in a course of two minutes! I decided to use part of that clip, but I also wanted to show what she looked like before with her mannerisms (since who doesn’t love an awkward princess to be), so I found this video and decided to use some of it. Up next was Ella Enchanted, which was still a very Disney based movie, which shows that she was suddenly becoming more popular, I decided to use the trailer for this to get my clip. Third on the agenda was The Devil Wears Prada, which involves a more serious side of Anne for the first time, but once again she forgoes a transformation, which I decided to use as my clip (since as an actress she is transforming into a new actress). She now is a new actress when it comes to the scandalous Love and Other Drugs (which involves a lot of nudity), so I decided to go for a clip that was a her being bold, just like the way her career was going. From there I moved on the The Dark Knight Rises, where she adds some mystery to her character and shows she can play in a variety of films. Finally, I end with Les Miserable, which is just such a great movie and she even won an award for her role. Here, I have her character going ¬†through a transformation from fab to drab (okay maybe not fab), hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing her career, since I am really excited to see what she has next in store for us!

I created this in Windows Movie Maker by just simply cutting out the clips that I wanted. I decided to not add any music because I thought it may take away from the words that were being said, and I liked how it ended with her singing. I tried finding different things, but in the end I made the choice to not add music.

Thanks for reading!

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