Weekly Summary 13 & 14

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What Is Remix?

Remixing a DS106 Assignment

Mashup Assignments

In my opinion this was a perfect finish to the class, minus the final project.  It was a little more creative and pretty much used everything we had done up to this point and combined it.  I guess for the mashup and remix assignments I ended up using YouTube/iMovie, GarageBand, and Flickr all for this week, which I think was a pretty good combination of stuff we covered throughout the semester.  I actually was trying to do SoundCloud for one of the assignments but the website was acting bizarre for who knows what reason.

The main topic of this week was delving deeper into remixes, which I think is actually a pretty good topic for our generation as a whole.  We see so many remixes, especially in the music industry, to where now nearly everything has either sampled or used something from past works.  With the increase in the electronic music industry we definitely now see a lot of sampling and mixing together of familiar songs throughout many decades too.  All in all, this last week of new material was the perfect culmination to the semester.

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