What Color is Your World?

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This week we had to do six stars of remix on top of the preassigned assignments.  For my next remix assignment I did what color is your world? which is worth two stars.  In this assignment you had to pick a color and photograph it throughout your day.  You then had to pick a song to go along with it that represented that color that you choose.

When trying to think of colors the first color that I thought of what Yellow.  This was largely because I really love the Coldplay song Yellow.  After just a few minutes of tying to take pictures, I quickly realized that I have like nothing that was yellow.   I decided that I was going to have to try to come up with a different song to do this assignment to.  After a few minutes of thinking I realized that I had overlooked the obvious song choice, Red.  I believe I have used this song previously (because it is a Taylor Swift song and I have used just about every Taylor thing possible at this point) but I knew it would be perfect for this.  I started taking pictures for this I realized that Red what a much better fit.  I had a TON of red things just around my room.

After taking pictures, I imported them into iMovie along with the song red.  I played with the effects a bit to make them flow nicely. After that I cropped the song quite a bit.  I choose to go with the original demo version of the song (which was also on her cd) because I thought it fit a bit better.   Throughout the song she talks about a multitude of colors (red being the main one) so I cropped it until I was able to find a part that only had her singing about red. Here is my final product:

2 stars down and 4 to go!

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