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Probably the best way to describe me is wild. I’m not talking girls gone wild or something like that (especially since my parents and professors are the the only people who read this), but it is certainly me. I have a very unique personality to me and I can pull all nighters without any caffeine (which I think is pretty impressive). I just have tons of energy, I can dance to songs all night and just bounce around. But the thing is I love listening to slow songs. Call me crazy, but I like the slow stuff, it’s the only calmness that it is in my life.

So that’s when I came up with this great idea for a remix assignment, but I had to create it on my own. Check it out here! I am actually really excited to see what things other ds106ers come up with doing! The idea of having a very slow song and an upbeat music video is very interesting to me because of the different dynamic, and it’s even funnier because it’s the same story being told.

So when it came time to think of a song, I knew I was going to do Wild Ones, originally sung (or autotuned) by Flo Rida and the cover is by Timeflies, which is my favorite group. Seriously, I’m so obsessed with them. I have seen them in concert and was completely jealous when I wasn’t able to see them again this week because of darling finals (and being broke). I love the fact that Timeflies slows down this song because you start putting emotion into a song that doesn’t usually have emotions associated with it. I really liked it.

Here is my final product:

I created this using Window’s Movie Maker, and I muted the music video and imported in the mp3. This is always a challenge because I need to make so many different conversions in order for all of the software on my computer to work properly. I swear my computer is going to explode by the time the class is done.

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Princess Karissa

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