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I Am the Princess of ds106

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Well it’s the end of the ds106 season and I have to say that I am certainly the princess of ds106.

So to begin this post I am going to start with a mathematical proof.

Karissa is the princess of ds106

ds106 is 4 life

Thus, Karissa is a princess for life.



Now that I have settled that I would like to begin my last blog post for this class ever.  In fact this is the last thing that I have to do in my whole undergrad career, which just seems so crazy. So here goes nothing, it’s the next step to the next chapter of my life.

The main part of this week was the final project in which we had to create a narrative around one particular character while embedding different forms of media. When I first got my feedback on my ideas, I realized that I was missing the narrative part of the project (not like it’s super important or anything like that…).  After a lot of planning I finally figured out a story line that I was really proud of. It gets a bit complicated, so I think it’s just best if you read it for yourself.

I really wanted to pull a whole twist on the idea of a fairy tale since this whole semester I have pretty much been talking about how great the movies are. But sometimes the movies aren’t the reality. In addition, I wanted to end the semester being a princess since it is closing up the whole entire semester, so I have gone to a future princess to an actual princess. You can read more about my thoughts behind the creation of all of my media as well as idea here.

So my final is now out of the way. What a relief. Seriously, it is such a heavy weight lifted off of me, and all I left to talk about is my role in the ds106 community. I would say that overall I was pretty active because I was constantly following the #ds106 feed, however I did fall a bit behind on commenting on other blogs, although I would read them. I actually wrote a blog post about my participation within the community which you can read here. In addition, if you just want to simply see certain assignments you can click on one of the following links:

Throughout the semester we needed to create two daily creates, two assignments, and two tutorials. I think I submitted more than two daily creates, but I forgot what they were, so I just resubmitted new ones (the more the merrier right?), and I also created a lot more than 2 assignments since my final had two new assignments. However, just like the community experience, I also wrote a blog post about the assignments that I submitted. Similarly, I wrote a post about the two tutorials that I did  as well. I really enjoyed the tutorials, probably because I want to be a teacher, but I never looked at other tutorials to see what I could do. I guess I just liked the challenge of figuring things out for myself.

Also during the semester we had to label what we believed to be our best work by putting them in a category. Typically if I found myself really wanting to share what I had done with my friends and family, I knew it was my best work. It meant that I was proud of it. Out of the many assignments that I chose to be in my best works, I believe that these were my favorites:

  • Dinglehopper video advertisement, because I thought that it truly resembled a commercial. It was a lot of fun to make and it required a lot of planning and execution to pull it all off.
  • Integration by Parts 1950s video, because everything that happened in this video was because I willed it. I scripted it and planned it, and I even used it in my tutoring session. I wanted to make something that was effective and fun, and that’s exactly what I got out of it.
  • UMW Eagles Introducing Princess Sports because it was something I never thought I would do. Once again, I was faced with a large challenge of getting a thumbnail picture, and I used my context clues to figure out the problem. It’s really rewarding.
  • Return to Goolrick Gym was probably one of the most sentimental posts that I had written and I was extremely proud of it. I had such negative feelings toward the volleyball program at the beginning of this semester because I was just burnt out, but this class and those assignments actually helped me cope with those feelings. It was truly unreal to me how a class could give me such peace. That was probably my favorite assignment of them all for that reason.

With that being said, I have truly enjoyed this class like no other. I was very lucky to have an open schedule so that I could dedicate a lot of time to the course, but I do believe that I have gotten a lot out of the class that is more than technology experience. I can see myself using technology in the classroom and showing fellow teachers different things they can do to help students learn more about the world of digital storytelling. This class helped me get over things in my life that I was upset about, and it helped me become a better writer too I believe. I don’t regret taking this class for a second. In fact, I suggest it to all students who are on the fence. It was a life changing experience for me and I hope it will be for them too. I guess ds106 really is for life.

So as my final see you later to the class, I will leave the future princes and princesses of ds106 with these words (and lyrics) of advice.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog,

Princess Karissa


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