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School Pride

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The Fandom Princess, while spending the day cuddling with the Fandom Prince in her chambers, suddenly go the bright idea to do something that showed her love for the Mercury castle.

“William,” she said. “Do you have a large blank sheet that you wouldn’t mind me… borrowing?” She flashed her pretty smile and sweetly kissed his mouth.

The Prince, powerless to say no to the Princess, nodded. “Come with me, my Princess.”

They walked to the other end of the castle, a small hike to say the least, to the Prince’s guest chamber (the place he stayed when he wasn’t out on his adventures and voyages). Inside, he found a large white sheet for the Princess and gave it to her. “What do you need it for?” he asked.

She merely smirked and kissed his cheek. “You’ll see,” and she disappeared from the room.

An hour later, as the Prince went to look for his beloved so that they could go to dinner, he stepped out of his chambers and his jaw dropped in shock. Displayed on the floor of the foyer of the castle was the sheet he had given to the Princess, except it was no longer white. She had done something to it to make it a bright blue with glitter sparkling all over it. Written in some sort of gold paint read ‘Thank You For Everything You Do! Love, the Fandom Princess”

The Prince couldn’t help but smile. He was in love with such a thoughtful beauty. 

Moving right along, this post is dedicated to the assignment to the A-Z Photo Challenge, an assignment that I did to add to my final project! I liked doing this assignment because I was able to choose what exactly I wanted to collage. I went through a bunch of different ideas, including decorations, wedding gifts, and even venue places. In the end, I was really hungry, so I decided to collage pictures of food that will play a part in the Final Project (when you get to it).

The collage is below. Pretty simple assignment. I found all the pictures on Flickr’s Creative Commons. It was tedious, however, because I had to not only find a food to represent each letter of the alphabet, but I also had to make sure it still made sense with the storyline that I was doing. In the end, I figured it out, but then re-sizing them in PowerPoint  where I made the collage, proved a little difficult. It was hard to get all the pictures up there in a creative way, but I think they turned out alright. What about you?

Mardi Gras Reception Food

3 Princess Stars!

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