Abe Tries His Hand At Craigslist

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For the next portion of my final project I completed the “storytelling within the web” assignment.

I thought it would be pretty comical if President Abraham Lincoln posted a Craigslist ad for help on how to work modern technologies, so I went for it. The process was pretty simple. First, I set up the craigslist to be for New York City, as that’s were ol’ Abe is located in the story. I then went to the “technical support jobs” section and found this ad:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 8.42.08 PM

I then opened up this html file with textwrangler and started messing around with the page. I started the page off with a play on the Gettysburg Address, and went from there. Here is the link to the final product: LincolnAd.



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