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The May-Labour Day Rally held yesterday in lower Manhattan called all minority workers, immigrants, labor unions, students, worker centers, social justice groups, the unemployed, and the community organizations to vindicate their rights and raise their voices in unison to demand immigration reform.

This came after city the immigration reform proposal by the “Gang of 8” senators who are putting caps and changing the laws on residency. The bill is that is supposedly said to “Border security, economic opportunity and modernization of immigration 2013″ states that illegal immigrants who are caught in the plan, if approved, would obtain temporary legal status that would last 10 years.

However, migrant workers said it would only make it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal residency because it will be a long wait and it would not be affordable. The streets were crowded with police cars and news trucks as the protestor’s marched from Union Square to City Hall.



Filippo Baldini an immigrant from Italy said he’s been living in New York for the last for years and getting his papers has been the most difficult task to accomplish.

Filippo Baldini from valerie mercado on Vimeo

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