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Part One: Searching – ?????

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This is my first assignment for my final project!

To begin Alice’s journey, I created a webpage under the assignment Storytelling Within the Web.

Using X-Ray Goggles from Hackasaurus, I edited the html of a random post that I found in the subreddit r/AskReddit.

Below is a screen capture of what the page looked like pre-X-Ray Goggles:

Once I got my hands on it with the X-Ray Goggles, I changed a few things to create the story for Alice.

I edited the page to be Alice’s post looking for the white rabbit. She had taken a photo of the white rabbit, which she tried to link on the site.

I had originally chosen a r/AskReddit page that had over 2000 comments on it, and then I realized that it would probably be better to find a page that allowed me to change all of the comments to make it more realistic… so, obviously, I decided the best option would be to find a new post that had only one or two comments. I figured, also, that Alice’s post probably wouldn’t have been very popular on the subreddit.

There are only two or three slight hints as to the identities of the people who are in the post. I didn’t want to be all obvious because most people on reddit are anonymous.

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