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Poca Who?

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Hello, my name is Pocahontas and I have something to say, Disney got my story all wrong first of all I do not stay back in lame old America but I went to England with John Smith because we were so much in love. I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me as I soon found out. Once we got back to England that when the real fun happened. I did not realized that John Smith had a whole lot of money I was not prepared for all the stuff that he got me 

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Follow Me on Pinterest I wan not used to these things and the last one there, yes that white and gold ring was the first thing that he got me when he proposed. These are just a few of the items I do not want to show you all of them because you might steal what I have oh no no no that can not happen. I was grateful at first when he started to give me all of these presents and soon enough I was expecting them and when I did not get something new I got sooo upset


But then he would give me another pair of sunglasses and then I will be happy again. After a couple of years we had a wonderful, beautiful child together and she was perfect. But I started to notice that John was paying more attention to her than me.. I did not like that at all. I mean was she prettier than me?

Pocahontas' Daughter

I did not think so but it felt like everyone else did. I also noticed that John was paying more attention to her than me and I did not like that at all. Therefore I new it was time for her to go. I took my daughter out into the woods to play hide and seek, she went and hid and I never seeked. I went back to my house and relaxed feeling so much better and on top of the world then I took a nap. All of a sudden John came in and asked where our daughter was, I looked at him with confusing eyes and said I had no idea where she went of to but we were playing in the woods..she might still be there. Then he went off in search of her.

 He did not find her and he got so mad at me that he did not talk to me for weeks..he looked depressed. I kept asking him what was wrong (I only asked because he stop buying me things and I was getting frustrated). He sad that he missed his daughter and that he never wanted to see my face again. Umm can you say rude much so I just let him calm down for a few weeks. I went to go check up on him…


john really dead

I was stunned when he said that I did not know how to take it. I thought about it and I got really sad because without him what am I going to do, I do not work or do much of anything. I do not want to get a job eww who does that anymore and I do know anyone else that lives around here. I don’t know what to do so I guess I will just get over it. Months go on and I can not handle the quietness of the house I do not know what to do I am so lonely so I guess I better go and live with my family. I understand now that family is more important than clothes and money.


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