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Filipino culture is a large part of my life. Filipino cuisine has largely been untouched and still remains a big business opportunity to fulfill. I always wanted to that ambassador or the Captain Kirk of Philippine cuisine. I think a large part of why lurks in the shadows behind it’s influences like Spanish and other Asian cuisines is that nobody has quite figured out how to present it to the mass public yet. Sure, there are the food trucks out in California but what about the rest of the nation that haven’t been enlightened by this wonderful food culture.

Presentation is everything to me. Youth drives a lot of the successes in this world. Take a look at the internet, we run this! So as sole proprietor of SupremeLumpia, I have to discard old traditions and present Filipino food in a new way. Throw it in a bun, put it in a taco. I love marketing and my target market from the get go would be our youth. I went with a street culture style to present the aesthetics of my branding.



The rendered photo of the head is a famous Filipino warrior by the name of Lapu-Lapu who is credited in the Philippines for killing Magellan.


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