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Hi, Hi, Hi! Im buddy the dog! I missed you so much! mmmmmm you smell good. whats that smell?Humans always smell so good. I missed you so much! pet me pet me pet me! ohhhhh right there, thats the spot! You’re so much bigger than me, human, but I love you. Take me for a walk, or throw me a ball. Play with me! I love my owner!

Headquarters, I am sorry. I am a dog, my mind races like crazy. I have so many thoughts throught my head, and I got so excited to see me owner, I forgot to do my mission! I was supposed to be a spy and find out the information, but then he started scratching me, and playing with me, I forgot all about it. Next time, Headquarters, I will not get distracted.

Over and out- buddy

Here is the link to the image:[email protected]/8776630852/ 

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