Salesman vs. Henry Bemis

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“Welcome to the Swap Shop! Try to sell the most interesting item you can think of! Go on and on about it, be silly and have fun with it! Have a friend be the radio dj ready for the call in and ask you lots of questions about your item. [You can also ask yourself questions too–just try to change your voice].”

After losing the only glasses Henry Bemis owns a travelings saleman approach Mr. Bemis…

I recorded this through my Galaxy 3gs. The 3gs records in a .3ga format so I had to convert it to mp3. Luckily there is a site to convert everything nowadays. If you are a galaxy owner then this site might come in handy to you. I did my editing on audacity, added the opening theme then BAM! There you have it.

I surprisingly enjoyed this assignment. Everything from writing the script to recording it. I hope you enjoyed listening.

Worth: 3 1/2 stars

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