Week 2 Recap

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Week 2 Summary
We got to watch some great Twilight Zone episodes this week which were,

“Time Enough At Last”
“The Eye Of The Beholder”
& “The Midnight Sun”

Scott’s Lo Down during Week 2- People complained about the substance in the earlier podcast which wasn’t an issue for me but it did really start to pick up and I got immersed in a lot of the latest Lo Downs. I know for a fact that one of the Lo Downs helped me out a lot, and if I hadn’t listened to it then I would had such a hard time with the audio assignments and that was the Lo Down 012 informing people to download the lame.dll file in order to export files. That was a great sign of community there, especially on the part of Mr. Scott.

Lo Down 004
Lo Down 005
Lo Down 006
Lo Down 007 & 008
Lo Down 009
Lo Down 010, 011, 012

Copyright and Creative Commons– I got to research the meaning of owning, sharing, and manipulating content on the internet.

Animated GIFs
Rock N Roll N GIF assignment
Turn A GIF Into A FIG (Twilight Zone related)

Design Assignments
Truthful Movie Poster
Tell A Tale On A Tapestry
Celebrity Life (Twilight Zone related)
Missing Persons Poster (TZ related)

Daily Creates
tdc508: Food Narrative Challenge
tdc510: Create A Sequel for “Time Enough At Last”
tdc511: Show Your Friendship To Talky Tina

Audio Assignments- Probably the most enjoyable things to tackle this week were the audio assignments. They were enjoyable after I finally got the hang of Audacity which was late in the week. Big highlight of this week has to be the Swap Shop assignment, I based it off the “Time Enough At Last” episode of Twilight Zone which can be accessed through the link below. I recieved a general good reception from that assignment and I think it’s worth a listen.
So And So’s Greatest Hits
Sardonic Mashups (TZ related)
Sound Scapes (TZ)
Swap Shop (TZ)

Design Safari– I got to refresh my memory about some of the terms in design. Also, it was such a great feeling to wipe off the dust from my DSLR for some of these pictures.

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