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Huzzah! I made it to the end of Week 2 in ds106 and compared to where I was at the end of week 1 I’ve come a long long way.  If I was to grade myself on last week I would give myself a D maybe a D+ or C- if I was feeling particularly generous.  This week I felt a lot better about 1.My work ethic 2. My participation with other people (still could be better) and on twitter 3. My quality of work. I would give myself a B or B+ this week.

I really think that my audio assignments were terrible though and I pledge to be better at them! Butttt I think my design work was good and although some of it didn’t look as pretty as my week 1 stuff I worked harder and did more advanced things (not that advanced I’m still a techy n00b but advanced for me ok)

So what did I do this week?

Welllllll I did 4 daily creates:  (my wordpress hates me and won’t let me directly embed flickr stuff right now because it says I’m missing API secret key and I need to fix it in the settings but I don’t know how to get here so someone can help me if they want or I’ll figure it out this week)

talkytina dailycreate




I made 17 stars of design assignments:



lotr book cover



Midnight Sun stamper

twilight zone invitation


You can view more in-depth descriptions of all of these on Assignments >> designassignments on my blog home screen.


I made 15 stars worth of audio assignments:

You can read more in-depth about my audio assignments on my blog home screen Assignments >> Audio Assignments 

I found out about creative commons and blogged about it:


I listened to Scottlo and blogged about his stuff:


And I found out about some design concepts and went on a “Design Safari” of my very own:


And that’s about it! I learned a lot about design and audio this week and got to participate in ds106 tv in realtime via twitter.  I also got a shoutout from @jimgroom on twitter and at a talk he gave in New Hampshire! I did so much this week I can hardly believe it ds106 is challenging for sure but I have really felt rewarded this week learning everything.

I’m getting this summary in right at the wire (11:58) but hey it’s called a deadline cause that’s when it’s due right??

Cheers to DS106


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