In a World… (Part 2 Re-edit)

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Use The Voice

Difficulty= 2 Stars

**Re-edited to have some epic music in the background. The new music really gives it that movie trailer feeling.**

Don LaFontaine was legendary for hos deep voiceover intros to movie trailers (“In a world…”). Make a recording that uses his style that describes something ordinary or everyday. See the TV tropes listing for ideas or expressions or model it after one of the thousands of examples he left out there — see his video at If you lack The Voice naturally, use your audi editor’s shift pitch tools to deepen it.

I did this audio assignment to the Twilight Zone Episode “Midnight Sun”. The only thing they wanted to do was stay cool, so I thought this audio clip I made reflected that pretty well. I used audacity to make the clip.

Play here….

In a world with epic music

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