Week 3 Recap

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Audio focused week!

Audio Assignments

911, What’s You Emergency? (Twilight Zone related)- I was noticing all around the ds106spere that people were doing this fake 911 call assignment so I thought I would take a crack at it. I have yet to receive feedback on it but in general my fellow ds106ers have been getting some criticism about this assignment so I’m looking forward to see how I fair against my peers.

Audio Dream Stories– Great thing about this week is that we can apply our work for the radio show towards our star requirements. I took advantage of that in this assignment. c:

Teezee Reference– As a objective in ds106, us ds106ers (is this a term already or did I just coin it) have to create our own assignments and so I was fortunate for an idea to just fall in my lap.

Ds106 Radio Bumper

Daily Creates

tdc517– This daily create was hella fun. I banged this one out in like an hour. I got to use Windows Media Player for the first time in this class. WMP is super limited but it has the necessary tools in order for me to create simple videos. The goal was to create a video of an updated version of The Twilight Zone intro and upload it on youtube.




One of the things we are suppose to document throughout this experience is some of the problems we run into. I have been diligent with my presence on other people’s blogs and on twitter but for some reason it is hard to track comments on wordpress if you aren’t careful. I express that here.

Lo Down Reflection

Radio Show

In any group assignment there poses difficulty scheduling in order for everybody to be together at one time or one place. This time was no different. Formulating a theme and delegating responsibilities was difficult as well but once we got that together, the rest came organically. Google docs and google hangout were helpful platforms in organizing and communicating throughout this past week.

Friday morning, Kara, Charles, and I all got together on campus in the library to record for the interview and the talk show intro. I was given the task to be one of the hosts for our radio show which is entitles, “Kris and Kara in the Morning.” I was inspired by Community’s “Troy and Abed in the Morning.” We started in the library at around 9AM and got kicked out at 12 because of summer hours so we decided to go to Monroe where we hijacked an empty seminar room. It took use a considerable amount of time and outtakes to finally get what we wanted for audio. We finished circa 2PM. We made major progress that day.

During that day and carrying on until earlier today. We put the finishing touches on editing and such. I was essentially the sound effect guy, and sites like freesound.org and sounddogs.com were helpful for me in obtaining the sounds I needed.

I was also able to notice a last second error when we uploaded one of the sound clips on souncloud. Which if gone unnoticed, the sound clip was missing edits, could of ruined the tone of our entire show because it could of potentially been used for the final product.

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