“To Serve Man,” Genre: Sci-fi

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The Twilight Zone episode I focused on this week,  ”To Serve Man,” very obviously fits in to the genre of Science Fiction or ‘Sci-fi.’  It is based off of a science fiction novel, and the episode itself demonstrates several elements of science fiction.

The 1950′s is referred to by many as “The Golden Age of Science Fiction.” What sets science fiction apart from the broad genre of fiction is that it is not only imaginative, but much less likely to happen in reality with a focus on science and technology, especially: space travel, aliens, and parallel universes.

The Twilight Zone itself is another dimension and the episode documents a characters time in space with aliens, so everything about this episode is textbook science fiction.  There is little room to budge on that but you can put it in it’s own science fiction trope category: Alien Tropes, within this trope you can classify the ‘type’ of alien detailed in the episode, which is “Rubber Forehead Aliens.”  The Kanamits are very similar to human’s in appearance and their only visual variance is their height (they are supposedly 9-foot tall creatures) and their skin/foreheads.

This elements of science fiction can be seen in the video montage I created of three short clips from the episode.  The first clip shows a Kanamit, or what I classified as a “Rubber forehead alien,” the second show the alien book, and the third shows the spaceship:

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