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Through My Window

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Here is the original assignment.

I walked out from my room. A long hallway stood between me and happiness: a window that peered off my deck onto the grassland and roads below.

How could I cross this impeccable distance? There were so many distractions in the way.

First, I stumbled over my cat. Meooow!

“Jeter, what in the world are you doing beneath my feet!”

After shooing him away, I was then caught by another distraction.

“Dinner’s ready!” Oh boy, this meant I had to travel in the opposite direction. A way without any windows, that’s for sure.

Upon finishing, I jetted across the hall: nothing could stop me now. I was determined to look out onto the chilly, dreary outside world. I approached the framed glass right as I realized…

I can’t believe it. I forgot my phone.

Window Scene

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