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It’s 20XX. During the third World War, a nuclear bomb was dropped on Tokyo. The city was eventually rebuilt, but something strange happened to it. Biker gangs form different times appeared began to clash with each other over who had control over Neo Tokyo. One group of bikers had these machines that produced different colors of light trails that became solid objects and another group had bikes from years ago. The people with the fancy light bikes have to be from the future and if you ask me, I think they are one of the strongest contenders for taking over the city.

For this four star assignment, I needed to create an intro to a movie. I decided to combine some scenes form Akira and Tron: Legacy to create this introduction. I tried my best to create a biker gang battle setting and I actually surprised myself with how well it turned out. This took a bit more work than some of the other video assignments, but it wasn’t too difficult, so I believe not too many people will have trouble with it. Although, as soon as I uploaded it to YouTube it was blocked for people to watch in the U.S., so I had to upload it to Vimeo for the time being.

To create this video assignment, I used Sony Vegas to put the video together and Audacity to record the audio.f

Like my other video assignments, I mainly used the Split Tool to separate parts of each clip and sections of the audio, so I could insert my audio from Audacity. I also had to mess with the audio levels to make sure the music wasn’t louder than my voice or vice versa.

I hope you all enjoyed the video becauseI had a lot of fun creating it!

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