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Daily Creates!

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We had to do two daily creates for this week!

The first daily create that I did this week was a tribute to the anniversary of bridge over trouble water. I went onto google images and searched for bridge over troubled water and I thought that this was very was a good representation of the literal meaning of the title itself. If there was anything I could do to improve the image is to use a different photo with a more elaborate bridge.

The second daily create that I did was to pick my theme song. This was really hard because there are so many songs that I love but none that really represented me as a person. I am into trap music with has a ton of remixes and the one that catches my eye is Revolution by Diplo. The lyrics that I picked out shows that I am an individual and won’t let anyone tear me down. I think used a text font website to add the lyrics onto an image that i thought went along with the song which is a galaxy image that like has endless opportunity and so many ways for one to strive. If there was anything for me to improve on it would be to have a different text or to make it have a better design to it since I don’t think the image does enough justice for the song itself.

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