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So for this week we had to do two remixes and at least one could be of something that we have already done in the past. For my two remix assignments I went back to two of my favorite assignments. One was creating a DS 106 Wallpaper and for the remix it said to reverse the wallpaper so as if the image was meant to be a car sticker. I went back to the wallpaper that I created using paint and took the text “DS106” and flipped it. I think that it was a pretty simple task and that next time I would like the remix for that assignment would be to change a color on the wallpaper or change the style. I also think that next time I would maybe have some character added to the wallpaper would maybe have a cool spin to the original wallpaper. An example would be make a wallpaper for the class but have the theme solely around your host character.

DS106 Reverse



The second remix that I had to do was add a sidekick to my bucket list. To have a partner in crime on all of my adventures. If I had to choose anyone to go with me on my trips and destinations to meet people it would have to be my best friend Bridget. She knows me so well and she plans a lot better than I do and I know that I would probably end of doing something silly and get myself arrested in a foreign country. So to have her in India with me for that month would be really helpful and I would have someone who would be able to be just as confused as I am with the language barrier. When it comes to meeting Tyler Perry it would be fun because she could take a picture for me of me and him and to catch me when I pass out because that will most likely happen. I also would think skydiving with a friend would be a lot of fun however to get her to actually do it with me might be a little bit of a struggle. The last part of the bucket list was to go to on a safari adventure. She wants to also do this in her lifetime so I know it would be so much fun to go to Africa and enjoy the exotic animals! I think having my partner and crime would make my bucket list ten times better and would have great memories for my friendship. If I had any improvements for this assignment it would have to be having images of the bucket list and having her and I cropped into it to make it funnier.


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