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Spooky Montage

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This was a mash up assignment and it was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to put at least 3 assignments that you have done from the past and put them together into one cohesive final product. I started out with this assignment by going back through all of my audio I have created and narrowed it down to 3 that would kind of create a story line if you will. I started out with my spooky monologue that had been a moment where someone is dying and comes into contact with my host character the death whisperer. After that I put in the 911 Emergency audio with my host character reporting the death that she had witnessed. The last audio that I put in was sound put into emotion which was fear in my audio and I did all of this using audacity. It actually flowed really well in between the parts and I liked how it became one large story. I think that if I had any way to improve this I would put in elements that would combine them with more fluidity.

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