Shake It Off with Classic Music!

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Have you seen the latest viral video of Taylor Swift? She’s dancing to some Classical music and it fits surprisingly well! Both her and the background dancer. I wonder why she decided to take up Classical music instead of continuing what she was doing before. Maybe she is onto something and wants to be the first to rake in all of the cash before someone else catches on? Oh well, it doesn’t matter as long as she enjoys doing what she likes.

This  four and half star assignment was really fun to make. I decided to use Taylor Swift’s Shake it off song because I wanted to create my own version like one of the many other parodies and mashups that I’ve seen on YouTube.  It sucks that as soon as I uploaded the video to YouTube, they took it down almost immediately. I had to upload it on Vimeo instead, so hopefully it doesn’t get removed by the time I finish this post or my other assignments. Getting the video itself was easy, but deciding on which song to use in the background that also matched up with the video gave me a bit of trouble.jh

For the creation of this video, I used ClipConverter to download the music video and the Classical music from YouTube. The site is fairly simple to use, you select what file type you want after you inserted a URL and then click the “Start” button that appears to begin downloading. The next step was to insert both the audio and video into Sony Vegas to begin editing. I deleted the audio that came with the music video and inserted the Classical Music before exporting the video.df

I  hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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