Masked Rider Clash

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The conclusion of a long battle is approaching. Each of the fighters only have a little bit of energy left in them before they can’t go on anymore. They both rise to their feet before leaping high into the air and screaming “Rider Kick” at the top of their lungs. Everything turns white as their powerful feet clash together one last time. Who comes out on top? We may never know because that is the last of the footage that was found of these two. Whoever won could now be living a quite life hidden among us.

Here I am bring you all some more Kamen Rider stuff for this four and a half star assignment. I’ve been collecting little figures of them off eBay, so I decided to use them for this assignment and I had tons of fun doing so. IT took awhile to get all of the photos I wanted. I ended up taking about 70+ pictures at the end of the photo session, but only ended up using about 30 of them. I inserted those photos in order in Sony Vegas and decided that this video needed some background music and sound effects. I went to to get the BGM and the sound used for the explosion at the end. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I went to YouTube and found some audio of the respective characters used, Rider 3 on the left side and Agito on the right.asdhl

I then inserted those into the video as well and used the Fade Out  Through White Transition to help with replicating an explosion.  Once  everything in the video was the way I wanted it to be, I exported it as a Internet 720p video and began uploading it to YouTube.zc

Thanks for checking out my video!

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