This is The World’s End

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This Is The Worlds End

It was just a normal day for this group of friends until something went wrong. The world began to shake and split open. All Hell broke  a loose and now these guys are trying their best to scavenge and survive  while finding a way to be accepted into  Heaven. Little did they know, some other guys in Britain are trying to prevent the from ending by heavily drinking in a pub. That’s an odd way to fix things, but will they be able to before time is up? Find out what happens when this mashup film hits theaters this summer!

For this four and half star assignment, I decided to take two similar movies that released within the same year  and mash their movie posters together. I don’t remember the movies, The World’s End and This Is The End, ever being compared, but it’s interesting that they both released around the same time and basically had the same plot. They also had similar ratings with about 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, so nothing could go wrong mashing them together. Combining the two movie posters was pretty simple using software like GIMP.

After saving the images to my computer, I opened The World’s End poster in GIMP and used the Ellipse Select Tool to add transparency to the image.e

The next step was to open up the This Is The End movie poster as a layer and move it behind the other poster. I then used the Scale Tool to make the image larger and help it fit well in the circle.s

The last step was exporting the file and upload it to Flickr for it to be viewed by everyone online.


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