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The Man Behind The Mask

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You may know him as the Darth Vader fanboy, but the masked man, Kylo Ren, takes his job in the First Order very seriously!

Here is some recorded footage of Kylo hunting down a Masked Rider who is one of the leaders of the Resistance. The Masked Rider doesn’t put up much of a fight as shown by Kylo beheading him in a matter of seconds. This only just the beginning because he wants to finish what Lord Vader started and rule of the galaxy with an iron fist.

First Order Poster

Here we have one of the many posters seen around the galaxy. Since the First Order is just remnants of the Galactic Empire, they still need some troops to help aid them in the fight against the Resistance.

Apparently, Kylo promises free cookies to the anyone who turn over people who are with the Resistance. Who can turn down free cookies? The poster and the radio ad both show evidence of the masked man named Kylo Ren trying his hardest to strengthen his side.

first order shirt

Okay, I think creating shirts with your face on it is going a bit too far. I guess Kylo must be really desperate for more troops. He must be scared about what is coming.

Now let’s take a look into Kylo’s life when he isn’t working. It ¬†seems like he enjoys profiting of the enemies he killed since he has an ebay page and sells the items for outrageous prices.

It looks like Kylo does have some sort of good side to him. He seems to have some friends to hang out with when he isn’t working. Looks like he likes to hunt things other than the people associated with the Resistance. It seems Kylo also has a sweetheart and a pet to take care of as well, so he isn’t a bad of a guy outside of his work.

He will always be obsessed with Darth Vader though. You can see that he runs a fan page on Facebook and watches many tributes of him on the Galactic Internet. He maybe obsessed with himself too as shown by showing his friend the trailer he is in.

Will you decide to join Kylo and the First Order or will you make fun of him and his obsession behind his back? You can probably do both, but he could find out and you could end up like that Masked Rider guy.

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