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Sitting alone at a nearby pub was Jimbo. Having just had one of the most exhausting days of his life trying to help out Buck with apprehending Crazy Joe Shooter; he needed to have a drink to calm himself down. Then he heard loud shouts and hollering talking about Buck’s heroics that they had heard about. They couldn’t believe that all this time, the unexpected gun was the son of the sheriff.

That’s when they spotted Jimbo, and immediately ran over to talk to them about what had transpired earlier that day. Jimbo couldn’t care less that they wanted to his side of the story, but he thought it would be a good idea to tell them the real story. Instead of the tall tale that they had heard of Buck Smith becoming a monster that went berserk and killed everyone in Train Man Inc. So he described what really happened when him and Buck Smith went to Train Man Inc. to apprehend Crazy Joe Shooter.

Jimbo described how he and Buck Smith snuck into Train Man Inc. without being noticed. Then peacefully confronted the CEO of Train Man Inc. who gladly told them of Crazy Joe’s whereabouts in a local greenhouse down the road. So Jimbo and Buck got on their horses and headed to the greenhouse. As they opened the door to the greenhouse, they saw Crazy Joe starting to run away and they shot at his leg to stop him from getting away. What they didn’t know was that the gases in the greenhouse were flammable. So as soon as Buck shot his gun, the whole greenhouse blew up with Crazy Joe still inside.

The whole crowd was shocked and couldn’t believe that this whole incident was an accident. They all thought that Jimbo was trying to mess with them; so they went on back to loud shouts and hollering “Buck Smith should be Sheriff, he killed all those man to grant justice to Crazy Joe Shooter.”

Little did they know, that Jimbo was actually telling the truth about him and Buck accidentally killing Crazy Joe in a greenhouse.

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