The End of the Unexpected Gun (Final Project)

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After gathering evidence about the suspect of Crazy Joe Shooter, Buck had his gun ready as he entered the residence of Crazy Joe, expecting a full blown shootout. But it never came. Crazy Joe wasn’t there like Buck thought he would be, and the place looked like no one had been living there for weeks.

However, the only thing noticed to be out of place in this dirty, unfurnished house was a clean letter that had been opened. Buck thought this might be a clue to Crazy Joe’s whereabouts, so he picked up the letter and investigated further.

Train Man Inc

As Buck investigated the letter he noticed that it was sent by the Train Man Inc. Security team to Crazy Joe Shooter that was addressed as being delivered just an hour ago. Meaning he had just missed Crazy Joe. The letter read “Thank You Mr. Shooter for helping us with our Indian problem by striking fear into the residents. Come by the Train Man Inc. building in the next town over to receive your payment for services rendered. This will go a long way in helping us place a railroad on the land accompanied by Indians.” When Buck read this, he immediately knew that Crazy Joe Shooter was hired by Train Man Inc. to shoot Mr. Blackhawk in order to strike fear into the locals to leave their land. Just so they could build a railroad. Buck was mortified that a corporation would use such an evil tactic, but he now knew where Crazy Joe would be headed. 

He figured that he would face long odds of ever surviving if he rode by himself to confront Crazy Joe and Train Man Inc. So Buck went back to the police department to call his good friend Jimbo for assistance.

After Buck had called Jimbo to assist him in capturing Crazy Joe, he jumped onto his most reliable horse and headed on his way to meet Jimbo right outside the main Train Man Inc. building.

As Buck was riding up onto the building, he saw Jimbo hiding behind a huge boulder with his rifle, scoping out the place. Jimbo confirmed that there were armed men inside that looked like trouble. He thought it would be the best idea if only one of them tried to sneak past the security team while the other stayed behind to provide fire cover if needed. But as Buck was walking past the security team’s room, he couldn’t help himself; so he barged into the room trying to beat them all with his bare hands.

He fought and fought until he had finally beaten them all to the ground, then he slowly got himself and walked to right the CEO’s office. The CEO then informed Buck that Crazy Joe had already received his money and had rode off to the local saloon house to count all his money; but as Buck was about to leave, he told the CEO how heartless he must have been to hire Crazy Joe to hurt someone for his railroad construction. This wasn’t a good idea, because as soon as he said it; the CEO punched him in the face and attacked him until they were both broken down.

Since Buck still needed a warrant to arrest the CEO, the only thing he could do was leave to find Crazy Joe at the saloon house. As Buck decided to confront Crazy Joe alone; because the CEO said Crazy Joe was alone. However, as soon as Buck opened the door to the saloon house he realized that the CEO had lied; Crazy Joe had his own security team all around Buck.

Buck thought that the only way to get out alive was to surprise them by killing them all instead of just trying to follow the police protocols. So he threw his shotgun to Crazy Joe to catch him off guard, then pulled out sidearm and started shooting everyone until he thought the most dangerous people had been killed. Buck then ran out of the saloon to get away from the chaos he had caused, and just as he was about to go back in; the building exploded. 

Only a couple of people had gotten out of the building before it exploded, and none of them were Crazy Joe Shooter or his men. So Buck figured that Crazy Joe must have died in the explosion, but he wasn’t done yet; he still had to get a warrant for the CEO’s arrest, to stop the unethical railroad construction.

This is the story that everyone heard when the CEO of Train Man Inc. was finally arrested for facilitation of attempted murder charges a few hours later.

As for Jimbo, here is his story about what really happened, through his own point of view.

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