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Hello future DS106 student, here is what I have to say about taking this course this semester. This class is a lot more work than you are expecting. There are lots of time consuming assignments that will take you a little bit to complete. With the amount of assignments you can choose, it is my best advice to do the assignments that look the most interesting and look the least time consuming to get onto more assignments needed during the week. Most of the assignments will not be hard, and a lot of them are actually fun to complete; so you shouldn’t worry about the work being difficult.

The most important tip that I can give you is that you should never try to do all the assignments from the whole week all in one day, because you might go crazy with trying to catch up. You will have missed out on doing the Daily Creates required for the week, you will have to do the assignment, post it, and then write up a weekly summary. However, if you plan everything throughout the week then the work will not feel bad to complete; and you will probably get a better grade for that week.

As for the group project, the best advice that I can give you is to try to communicate with your group as much as possible so that you can have the best chance to produce a great product and get a good grade.

The last piece of information that I can give you about ds106 is that Mr. Bond is a very informative professor that will email you back in a timely fashion and is very helpful is you encounter any problems while taking the course. All you have to do is ask him if you need help, he will do his best to help you.

Overall, this was a very fun course that doesn’t have any tests and will seem like an easy grade only if you follow directions, organize a schedule to complete assignments, and make an effort. So I hope you enjoy your semester in ds106.

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