From Harlem to stardom

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It was a cool summers night in the big apple, but just like any other night there was always a reason to go to the club. A young man known to his family and friends as Frederick Anthony Jackson, recently came off a dismal spell of bad luck outside his home. The reason he moved out west to begin with was to follow his passion for music. Two years in Hollywood would amount to be a dreadful era for in his budding music career. Like many people before him and after, Freddy would return home to salvage whatever he could to continue and make the music that he loves.

Thankfully the New York City club scene was a more forgiving stage to him. Years before he left on his journey he started to make a name for himself by performing one offs here and there at various night clubs. One evening Freddie was asked to perform at a club which coincidentally was named “Freddie’s.” That night Freddy would sing his heart out in front of the club patrons of whom thought they had never heard anyone quite like him. Unbeknownst to Freddy, a certain catalyst in his career explosion happened to be sitting in a booth thinking to herself “My god, what a voice.”

This was my submission for the Random Wikipedia Writing assignment. Thankfully I was able to find one that stayed on topic in the 80’s. The random page I got was about Freddy Jackson an R&B/Soul singer who’s career blossomed in the 80’s. The certain catalyst towards the end of the story was Melba Moore who was already a Tony winning/Grammy nominated artist at the time. There seemed like a lot of once in a lifetime occurrences that happened to Freddy Jackson. The fact that his career was able to takeoff at a place called Freddie’s is ridiculous. Thankfully we have multiple sources that documented these happenstances.

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