It’s Show Time!

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At long last, the radio show has been completed! Over the past few weeks my group and I discussed how we wanted to approach our radio show via our text group chat, and we eventually decided to meet in person to solidify what we wanted to do and do our recordings. On Tuesday, Sterling reserved the HCC vocal booth for Thursday afternoon.

When we finally met on Thursday, however, we encountered issues with the vocal booth and decided to record our scripts on the voice memo apps on our phones. We also narrowed down to talking about fashion, music, technology, and sports in our respective countries. We would go from Australia, to Germany, to Japan, and finally to South Africa, connecting each segment with commercials, traveling sounds, and bumpers.

After recording, we each edited our own segments and uploaded them to a Google Drive where Sterling put all the segments together.

Overall, the process was stressful to say the least, but we were able to get it done, and I think it turned out all right!

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