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    Missing Person


    Charlie Brown is missing! Please call this number if you have seen him. We need him back on Peanuts now. I chose Charlie Brown so I could relate this assignment to the 1980s theme. Charlies Brown is a very important piece in the Peanuts comic strip. He’s always the one …

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    Reflection time


    This audio is a perfect example of good storytelling. The background music gave it more suspense. The change of tone in the people’s voices made the audio more real. If the sound was cheerful then it wouldn’t be as impactful. Sound matters when it comes to storytelling. The sound evokes …

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    Radio Show Ideas

    80’s Game Consoles 80’s Fashion 80’s TV shows 80’s Music 80’s movies

    These are some themes that I have for the radio show because I am well acquainted with these. So if anyone wants to hit one of these topics let me know. …

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    Gameboy Advanced


    I wanted to talk about technology and game consoles are a classic. I decided to talk about the Game Boy because I’m a fan of Nintendo. I never played this version of the Game Boy but I understand the thrill of playing on game consoles. So I did a product …

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    Can you guess this song?

    Listen to 30 seconds of it and try to guess

    Where you able to get it? No? Eh, I figured because unless you were cultured like me you would have known that this song is none other than Earfquake from Tyler the Creator. I played this song heavily during the …

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    Humming my way downtown


    As soon as I started you should know what this song is. It is a classic. From the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Billie Jean is the song. When I first found this assignment I was trying to think of a modern-day song that I enjoy listening to. But …

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    Radio Bumper


    I remember back in my broke boy days when I would listen to the radio and they would have during the breaks they would summarize the purpose of the radio, and that is what I wanted to do here. My radio is about hip-hop music. Not just any hip-hop music …

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    Mi Favorita Pictura


    I chose this photo as my favorite picture because I have definitely taken a liking to it. I have posted this picture on Instagram(profile picture and post), Snapchat, Google Photos(as my album cover), and Tinder. I even had it for my wallpaper, only for a moment. This picture was taken …

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    Pink is HOT! Make a photo dominated by something PINK. Make a photo containing stone, water and clouds. Today’s theme is “3”. Make a photograph that features the number itself or otherwise represents 3 items. Make a photograph of a plastic object. Find a grid pattern somewhere (brick sidewalk or…
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    Photo Memories


    I see a lot of my friends who are involved in photography and I have thought about going into photography. The thing about me is that I am not photogenic. So my face looks lopsided whenever I take a picture and I do not like it. So I try not …

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    5 Frame Story


    This assignment, Five Frame Story, was an interesting one. For this assignment, I had to create a story but only use photos to depict it. The story I decided to depict was one that’s relatable to every student. For some reason whenever we want to sleep in for a …

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    Places of Peace


    For this assignment, Places of Peace, I had to have at least 4 pictures that I considered were my places of peace. Places where I had time to myself and didn’t have to worry about anything. The biggest place of peace, as you can see, is my bed. I …

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    The story behind this video is really cheerful. It shows how an artist and their songs can bring many people together. The Thriller by Michael Jackson is a classical song that is remembered to this decade. People all over the world continue to dance to this song as you can …

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    Keke, Do you love me?


    Dear future wife,

    I am going, to be honest with you right now. I hope you are dealing well and becoming the best version of yourself. At the moment I’m not doing so well and that’s ok. I’m working on it and I just want to say that I can’t …

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    How’s the weather today?


    “Hey, do you see that?”

    “Yeah, Marmot. Helens is not doing so well.”

    “Yeah. It’s not like her to get so angry.

    “It’s like she’s fuming today. Her head is smoking quite quickly.”

    “Yeah, Marmot. I don’t know what’s going to happen but by the looks of it, the two-leggeds …

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    Mother Nature


    I see dead trees. However, that is the only thing that’s dead, if you don’t count the college students. The sun is as bright as it can be. It shines over me, however, I can’t feel its warmth due to the cold air that blasts my face when I walk …

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    Did I do thatttt?!


    Oh yes, anime characters with big bug eyes can be creepy. Because it’s not proportional at all on the characters. And it would be even creepier on human beings as you can see with Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. Look how creepy this is! For the 80s theme culture, I …

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    The Good Ol’ 80s


    The 80s was a very prominent decade. This decade brought many new innovations and culture within America that is still relevant to this day. We still adopt the 80s pop culture into our own culture. However, not all of the 80s were pleasant. During the 80s the AIDS epidemic became …

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