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    Radio show progress week 1


    I am so excited and happy about where my group is going, but can I also say that I am feeling a little overwhelmed at how to do my bit? I have chosen time management and microwave cooking. The time management bit, I am beyond ready and prepared for. The …

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    the Core: Advice and help for new students


    Advice from the five: how to survive!

    The Core presents, a helpful program featuring tips and tricks for freshman students who are coming into UMW! This program has study tips, recipes, tips of how to work the laundry machines, and so much more! Listen LIVE on ds106 radio!

    I wanted …

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    Design thoughts: I have a few


    One thing that struck me, both from the videos and the Vignelli reading, were how important typeface is to design. It seems pretty simple when you first begin to think about it, but as you think deeper about the meaning, motivations, balance, contrast, size, etc. that surrounds the typeface of …

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    He’s just growin’ like a weed!


    A phrase I heard my grandma say about me and my cousins was “So and so is just growin’ like a weed” and basically meant that they were growing up so fast, you couldn’t hardly keep up with them. I lovingly say this about my own son now, and I …

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    As you wish


    Aside from the fact that The Princess Bride is among the most beloved films of all time, this scene is one that is very special to me and my husband. We both grew up watching this fantastic film, and we love these characters sometimes more than we care to admit. …

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    On the cover of a magazine…


    The VOGUE summer special children’s edition cover is ready to be sent off for proofing! I made sure that they would have enough room to add the title page headlines and themes they want, but once they let me know what those are, I will go ahead and add them …

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    Radio Show Brainstorming? Okay, I can do that


    As our radio show will have 20 to 30 minutes to talk about one thing, and it should relate to our course theme, I am thinking how much fun a craft activity or cooking show might be. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, but I think that creating something, …

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    Who’s going to know?


    One of the things that makes watching Julia Child such a joy, is her ability to admit defeat, and own mistakes in the kitchen. She actually celebrated them, which would never happen with Giada. Similar to Bob Ross, and the idea that mistakes are only mistakes if you label them …

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    A riot disrupts afternoon tea


    Just an ordinary afternoon, or so you think. A woman who is just making herself a cup of tea is disrupted by the phone, and after opening her door to see what is happening, she realizes there is a riot outside her door.

    I used Audacity to create this story, …

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    Three Skeleton Key


    I listened to the story and commentary about Three Skeleton Key, and I was blown away by the new lens I was listening to this story with. What surprised me I think, was the level of importance to the background noise, and how much purpose each sound within the story …

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    Moon Graffiti? More like moon litterbugs.


    Don’t let my choice of title scare you away, or think that I did not in any way like this story. I thought it was fascinating! Let me explain. There are events or moments in history that have 50/50 outcomes possible; where things could go really well or disastrously. We …

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    Daily creates – a lot harder this week


    Can I just take a moment to say that this week’s daily creates were a little more challenging for me to complete? I struggled with choosing which ones I wanted to do, because in the moments in between classes I was way under prepared for the amount of creativity they …

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    Another week completed: let the chaos begin!


    I know that last week I said it was a week of “Oh, Mylanta’s” and that I was busy as a three legged cat in a sandbox, but whoa was that an understatement. I knew this time would come; when the classes begin to get challenging, and things start to …

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    The look of judgment


    I just got home from taking one of the animals to the vet, and I was tired. My nerves were tired. My body was tired. Mostly though, my mind was tired. The end of the week, and I was almost done. I pick up a kitty and begin to destress, …

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    Dots, lines, and a curve


    Buuuuuh dum. Buuuuuh dum. Buh dum, buh dum, buh dum, buh dum.

    Poor Pipet was just doing what any loyal lab would do. If you don’t know who Pipet was, they were the black lab (ish) dog that was in the earlier part of the movie Jaws. Pipet was fetching …

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    Egg carton Bob Ross


    Searching throughout my house for something that could be used for this assignment – which I thought would be pretty easy – led me to realizing that I had a Bob Ross in my refrigerator! The assignment was to find anything in the house, and let your imagination create an …

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    My day – in gifs


    The alarm clock goes off at 5:45, and unlike anyone else in my house, my eyes pop open, and I jump out of bed. Do I like doing that? NO! Do I also like being the first person to wake up so I don’t have to socialize, YES! I get …

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    20 minutes to capture what?

    Fences and walls can divide or demarcate. Make a creative photo of a fence or wall Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it! Make a photograph that features a circle today. An instrument that measures something Take a picture that reminds you of…
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    A more critical view of a picture


    I took this photo many years ago. To be honest, I do not know this little girl’s name anymore. She was an identical twin who was the daughter of my friend’s cousin, who gave me permission to take photos of her daughter since she was so interested in my camera. …

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    Did I tell you I was busy this week?


    Wrapping up the fourth week of the semester, and boy oh boy was it a busy one! Multiple presentations/projects/essays due this week. It’s that time we are all familiar with, when the real work begins, and so too does the pressure. I found a brief respite though, in my daily …

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