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    Wrapping up the week of catching up


    Oh Mylanta! I have been saying this phrase all week, and mostly just because it has been a week of busy, busy, busy. As much as I relish a holiday break, it means that I feel like I am behind all week.

    To begin my week of creation, I worked …

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    Alphabet Soup? My lunch in letters.


    To build the perfect sandwich is an artful and lengthy process that I will happily share with you.

    To begin, a loaf of store bought honey wheat bread that got squished on the way home. As Ross would say, “There is no such thing as squished bread, just bread with …

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    Take me to the beach…


    It had been two years since I smelled the saltwater, and felt the sting of sand hitting my skin as the constant coastal wind blew. Two years since a strand of my hair had been pulled from my loose ponytail and landed into the corner of my mouth, tasting like …

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    Guess who I am


    I’ll begin by saying that I am a pretty common household appliance, and that you likely either have one of my siblings or cousins living with you. We all pretty much do the same thing, but some of us do our jobs a little better than others. I like to …

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    A busy week, but a creative one


    This week saw more creativity, in my opinion, than I have had in a little while. I started early on with working on my daily creates. I individually blogged a couple of them which are linked below, but quickly realized that I would not have enough time to do this …

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    Old camera in a modern space?


    As I was walking through the local thrift store, I found something rather odd and interesting. I realized after a few minutes, that I was looking at an old camera that could take tin type photographs, like they had back in the 19th century. For the amazing price of only …

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    Dear Violet


    Dearest Violet girl,

    You are not our first dog. In fact, you are our third. But when they say third time’s the charm, oh boy were they right! Our first two dogs were amazing and special, like first pets usually are. However, when we rescued them, we did not have …

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    A mother’s point of view


    A mother goes about her day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Once she arrives, she takes a moment to show love to all those in her care. With joy and appreciation, she greets her family. After all others have been taken care of, and shown the love and support they …

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    A little creative scrolling

    The Daily Create

    Another beautiful day, another creative moment with the daily create! This create sent me on a journey to designing my name using a program called “Mark Maker” in which you simply like and scroll through tiles of your chosen text, and the program learns your style. At …

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    Goodnight noises everywhere


    Getting started on the daily creates today – well, actually last night. It had been a wonderfully exhausting day that was spent in the sunshine with my family at the pool. Most likely our last visit this season.

    And then this happened! My little guy was finally tall enough to …

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    Weekly summary – week 1


    Oh wow…the first week has just about come to a close, and I feel a little overwhelmed, really excited, and slightly over it all (that senioritis y’all). Most importantly though, I feel like this process of self reflection in my last semester will give me the peace and satisfaction that …

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    What do I want to get out of this course?


    I am looking forward to getting more comfortable not only with the digital requirements of this course, but also the creative use of space that I will have a chance to inhabit. Until this point in my academic career, everything I have done has been based on academic writing. Opinions …

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    Bob Ross – a happy little program


    For this week’s assignment, I watched season 17, episode 10 – “Old Country Mill” and was yet again (old time watcher) left with an overall sense drowsy peace, creativity, and happiness! I remember when I was a kid and would have to stay home sick from school, we would watch …

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    Greetings ds106! I am so excited to be sharing this space with you all this semester, and hope that we get through it with ease, success, and happiness!

    Can you believe it? I am going to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!! Let me just say that this was never in my wildest imagination …

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