1. 8tcgyh

    Design Assignment #1: One Story, Four Icons


    Try And Guess My Favorite Movie!

    This movie and I go way, way back. All the way back to the year 2000. I was almost 9 years old at that time. The movie is based off a true story and is an incredible display of people of all races coming …

  2. 8tcgyh

    Weekly Summary #1



    So far, this course has been a whirlwind of information, both fascinating and not. At first, I really struggled with how to tag the TCDs, etc. But, I think that I am starting to get the hang of it now. I know that this particular class …

  3. 8tcgyh

    Gardner Campbell: Personal Cyberinfrastructure Post


    Review of Gardner Campbell: His Thoughts on Education and His Idea of a Personal Cyberinfrastructure

    To begin, Gardner Campbell’s article, A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, brought several problems to my attention, while simultaneously interesting me by his perspective on the failures of education. After reading Campbell’s article and watching his presentation, I …

  4. 8tcgyh

    ds106zone LoDown 001 Post


    Thoughts on Scott Lockman’s Scottlo Radio, Episode 1

    I am typically a kinesthetic learner, so the concept of listening to a podcast multiple times a week, without any sort of visual aid or representation, sounded quite dull. Despite this, I began listening to Scottlo’s podcast with no expectations whatsoever. This …

  5. 8tcgyh

    Bonus For Hippie Aura.


    “Self Portrait. Flashing A Peace Sign. Bonus For Hippie Aura”
    via http://tdc.ds106.us/
    New TDCs Every Day.

    [This is my Daily Create #4 for Week 1 of CPSC 106: Digital Storytelling.] …

  6. 8tcgyh

    Visual Assignment #2: You’re Doing It Wrong


    Plain and Simple: You’re Doing It Wrong

    This photograph just so happens to be the perfect image for this visual assignment. As a senior, planning to graduate at the end of this second summer session (if all goes well with ds106!), I have done PLENTY of things wrong. For starters, …

  7. 8tcgyh

    Visual Assignment #1: Shakespearean LOLcat


    The Kittens That Best Exemplify Shakespeare (And Why?)

    A very well-known and popular Shakespearean quote, paired with two adorable kittens playing in a ambiguously green, outdoor setting. The story behind this image begins with the chilly Fall evening when I found three young kittens walking timidly around the dumpster behind …

  8. 8tcgyh

    The Dog Days Are Over


    The Dog Days Are Over
    Daily Create #2

    Written by Hayley Eckhardt on June 24, 2014 6:00 pm

    From a sitting position, Sid relieved his front legs and stretched out on the wooden deck of the hotel. In the scorching heat, he lazily drank from a ceramic bowl of water …

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