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    One of my favourite artist of all time is kanye west no matter what anyone thinks about him, the guy is unapologetic and that is how I know he doesn’t hold back from becoming the best artist he can be in every moment possible. Being creative demands honesty and conviction  …

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    The view #VFL18 2


    the project I have been working on is about creativity allowing people to be brave,
    art is all about using what you already have around you to create something that is completely new, this shows how there are no limits to being creative as the world is forever progressing.


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    create a word painting



    in this post i was at one of my music performances which had art on the venue walls, i think this photo was very suitable for my edit as the original photo on the right looks like a mayor campaigning with a gun his mouth this gave me the …

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    Taken reply phone call


    In this blog I take the iconic taken phone call and add another side to the call, I think this was a good idea as everyone has thought about what the other person on the phone was thinking To understand more about the content of the conversation I watched more …

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    Gucci Gang (Musicless Music video)


    in this blog post the task was to create a musicless music video with just sound effects I made myself or found online, before I start to talk about the video I made I just want to add that all the sounds used I found online on web sites where …

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    Female youtuber monologue


    Female – 21 – BLOGGER – monologue

    Scene: A girl in her bedroom with blue wallpaper, her blog’s introduction music is playing (Justin beiber – baby) before it fades out and she starts to speak:

    Hi welcome to my channel my name is jess, wait one minute I need to …

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    Day in the Life of a Superhero #ds106


    Saving the day is not the hard part of this job, deciding what not to do is, everybody expects me to do everything from saving cats on trees to stopping armed robbers, so today I decided to see how things would be without me.

    I woke up to the normal …

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    Say It Like the Peanut Butter


    This gif is about one of my favourite films called the Truman show a film about a man who has been in a reality show all his life and he didn’t know, they inserted fear in to him by staging his father’s death on the ocean that then gave Truman …

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    community media Cafe’s (tech 2503)


    How do they operate?

    Community Café’s operate by creating a sociable and friendly environment for people in a community. they are a way for people in a community to come together and voice their concerns, teach and learn new things.

    What are their main features?

    Community cafes main features are, …

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