1. a7xpetrock

    Black History Month


    My first idea for doing a Black history month poster would have to be with the famous and successful american photographer and filmmaker, Gordon Parks, who is from Fort Scott, Kansas. He was the first African american photographer for Life Magazine, wrote and adapted to film “The Learning Tree” as …

  2. a7xpetrock

    Black History Month Poster Ideas


    As an assignment for my Digital Media 1 class, we are supposed to research ten possible subjects that involve Black  History in Kansas. Below is a list of my ideas:

    Fort Hays State Historic Site Brown vs. Board of Education Buffalo Soldiers in Fort Larned Gordon Parks George Washington Carver…
  3. a7xpetrock

    I am from..


    I am from Mountain Dew

    from Television and Xbox.

    I am from the suburbs of Overland Park,

    from a quiet, uneventful neighborhood.

    I am from the earth, from technology and independence.

    I’m from Glen and Sandi,

    from respect and kindness,

    from the phrase, “Work hard, Play hard.”

    I’m from Kansas …

  4. a7xpetrock

    My Biggest fear..


    My biggest fear is standing up in front of a crowd of people and being required to speak in front of them. I do not like speaking or giving speeches formally. I can be much more comfortable doing informal talks, but just the thought of having to be in front …

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