1. @A_marillo

    The Directorate’s Spy


    Throughout the week, Callie and I had a busy schedule so it was hard to schedule a time where we could meet up to finish planning the project and then record the mission. However, we found time to meet up on the google docs to think about our other platforms …

  2. @A_marillo

    The Final Mission


    Throughout the weeks prior, we been tasked to think of ideas of a mission that would be made during the final weeks. Now the final week has come and we been given four mission that we could choose from. The final mission includes using three media forms from the list …

  3. @A_marillo

    Twitter Polls


    I always participate in a polls on other sites but I never really made one before let alone one that was on Twitter. I was surprised how easy it was. I had several days beforehand to participate in other classmates’ polls before I did mine on Wednesday. I noticed that …

  4. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 12


    The week has finally come to an end! Furthermore, this week was all about mashups and remixes.  I commented throughout the week on various post. This week I had to do 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. I always avoided the mashup bank in fear that it would be hard …

  5. @A_marillo

    Captain U.N.C.L.E.


    The last assignment I decided to do the assignment called Two Movies, One Line which was worth 3 and ½ stars. This assignment satisfied the 12 stars requirement of Mashup assignments. This assignment was to pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. The hardest part …

  6. @A_marillo

    My twisted Vacation Room


    For my second remix assignment, I decided to do the remix on the assignment I already done, Dream Room. However, this time I was already prepared for any challenge that it would give me. The original assignment was to create a dream room by finding pictures on Pinterest. The new …

  7. @A_marillo

    Cool Name


    Whenever I am doing an assignment, I always see the remix button but I never clicked on it. I had no clue what the remix button was and at first I thought the remix button was switching the objective with another objective in the assignment bank. So, when I finally …

  8. @A_marillo

    102 Dalmatians?


    The next assignment I choose to do was the assignment called This doesn’t belong here which was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to mash-up two different iconic movie scenes by adding something like for example a movie prop to another movie scene. I decided use Alice and Wonderland and …

  9. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 11


    This week was hectic. It seems that every time there is a group project, I have multiple exams that week. Thank goodness that I manage my time wisely so I could study, comment on the ds106 site and meet up with my group to record. We recorded and created the …

  10. @A_marillo

    Video Show progress

    April 3:

    On Monday, Katey, Callie and I meet up and filmed most of our video and audio part. We used the media production studio to record ourselves. We thought it would be cool to film ourselves in darker lighting to give the effect of keeping the secret agent’s identity …

  11. @A_marillo

    Mission Ideas


    This week, I was supposed to come up with ideas about a mission that involves the whole class. For a more productive mission, I believe the class should split into groups.

    One idea for a mission would be a guess the killer game. However, relating to the hack, we need …

  12. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary #10


    This week was all about Video!  I believed this week went by quickly and this week I learned interesting stuff about videos. I scrolled through the ds106 site and commented on my classmates post! I then read the post called “How to read a Movie” and watched several videos by …

  13. @A_marillo

    Video Production!


    From the two options this week: 10-star worth of video assignments or team up with a group to brainstorm a video that would be produced next week. I decided to choose the video creation so I went to Twitter and ask my radio show group about coming back together in …

  14. @A_marillo

    Agent Zero’s Interview


    This assignment was fun! It was fun because I could become someone else and not just anybody, this someone was a character I created. This assignment was to pick seven questions from the choose of three YouTube videos and create a mock interview that showcased answers from our characters to …

  15. @A_marillo

    Spy Kids Video Essay


    I never thought that you can make an essay on a film before and after viewing several examples I was proven wrong. I learned how to view a film in a new different light by reading the post titled “How to read a movie post “How to read a movie” …

  16. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 9


    The week has finally end and it is time to post the Weekly summary! This week went by slow and was not as hectic as the other week previous. This week we had to tune in to listen to a radio on Monday and Tuesday. This radio shows were unique …

  17. @A_marillo

    Stepworks Story


    I am not going to admit that this assignment was hard because it was. After several tries I decided to give up to the point that even watching an 18-minute video tutorial did not help. However, after a day of thinking about I decided that “Step works” would not make …

  18. @A_marillo

    Top 3 Highlights


    Every week the ds106 community had to do several assignments that would correspond with week whether it be digital, web, writing, etc. These assignments allow people to show their creativity. I love to just scroll through the main ds106 site to see what my fellow classmates submit and it never …

  19. @A_marillo

    Radio Show Reflection


    Overall, I really enjoyed all the radio shows. I believed that everybody did a great job in creating a radio show. I mean come on these on college who may of not meet each other before coming together to make their very own radio show for the first time. I …

  20. @A_marillo

    Draw, Something!


    For this week, we had to do 8 stars worth of web assignments. I choose to do the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/google-draw-something/ . This assignment was rated 2 stars and it was to use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it is. I had no clue on …

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