1. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 8


    I am sad to say that Radio week is over! I was able to comment on other classmates’ posts and see their progress of the week whether it was a struggle or a success. I had two weeks to create a radio show and it feels like the week where …

  2. @A_marillo

    Radio Show Progress pt. 2


    Continuing on the radio week! Unlike last week where we decided on the content of the show, we created the radio show itself! My group tried to meet up to make the audio sound the same however due to different schedule we could not meet. Furthermore, we generated a script …

  3. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 7


    Week 7 was hectic! This week was midterm week and I had several exams to do and by the time the week was over I felt so out of the loop. This week was bad week to be out of the loop since it was all about creating the designs …

  4. @A_marillo

    Radio Show Progress pt. 1


    The whole point of this week was all about Radio creation. The main task was to get into a group so we could start to brainstorm. I did not want to be put into a group that had ideas that did not have any similar ideas. I am a very …

  5. @A_marillo

    Radio Promo


    One of the requirements for this week alongside the 10-star required assignment was to create a poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. to promote our radio show. The group decided on the name “Agents on Air”. I decided to make a logo since one of my group mates already made a poster for …

  6. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 6


    This week for ds106 was all about Design. This week was fun because I could finally put my creativity to the test. I always enjoyed the concept of design even though the only thing I could draw is stick figures. Nonetheless I am more of the brains in any design …

  7. @A_marillo



    When I first browsed the Vignelli Cannon, I was a little skeptical by the way the text was small. It looked boring to me and it remind me of any text in a book that the teachers make you read. However, I was proved wrong once I started reading the …

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    Throughout the week, I was task to take pictures of objects for the Design Blitz that showcased several design concepts. While I was reading about the different concepts it helped me see the world in a different way. Ordinary objects around my house became an art of design with several …

  9. @A_marillo

    “Ds106 Newspaper”


    For this week, we had to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. I have a total of 8 stars so I choose the assignment to satisfy the requirement for the week since it was rated 4 stars. This assignment was to design a newspaper and add a story to …

  10. @A_marillo

    “Crime Scene?”


    For this design assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-crime-scene/, it was rated 4 stars. It was to create a crime scene using a scene that you personally know. After several clicks through the assignment bank I came across this gem.  I always thought the process behind searching the crime scene was interesting so I …

  11. @A_marillo

    “Be Our Guest!”


    For this assignment, I had to create a TV or movie minimalist poster. The hardest part for me was picking a movie or TV show that I wanted to create a poster of and as a result I choose the Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely love the movie ever …

  12. @A_marillo

    Weekly Summary # 5


    This week for ds106 was all about audio. I was a little skeptical about doing anything audio related because to be honest I hate recording anything that I am in. However, as the week progress I started to come to like these assignments that I had to do. I listen …

  13. @A_marillo

    Radio Tweet Along 4


    I hate to say it but the Lime Town Mysteries has finally ended and to be honest I’m left with more questions unanswered than I thought I would at the start of the podcasts. I absolutely enjoyed the dark aspect of the story especially with danger in every turn Lia …

  14. @A_marillo

    Radio Tweet Along 3

    February 15

    Continuing on to the third radio show. The Lime Town continues its mystery but this time we can finally get some answers. Lia Haddock is interviewing another survivor. It is crazy how the world is still trying to find answers on the missing people but it seems there …

  15. @A_marillo

    Audio Storytelling


    I really like the “Moon Graffiti” podcasts. While I was listening I could make out all the sounds that was in it. The sounds were so real that I could close my eyes and I could see the astronauts and their struggles on the moon. It is crazy how they …

  16. @A_marillo

    Radio Bumper


    The Radio Bumper assignment was to create a radio bumper for the ds106 radio station. This assignment was rated 4 stars which I believe should really be 5 stars. Before I started the assignment I did not know what a Radio Bumper was so I had to search the internet …

  17. @A_marillo

    “Radio Tweet Along 2”

    February 14

    Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and we know that Valentine’s day is all about happiness and love. However the Lime town mysteries is anything but that. It is more dark and creepy. I almost forgot about the radio show until I looked at the time. Thankfully I tuned in …

  18. @A_marillo

    “Radio Show Ideas”

    The first and my favorite radio show idea I would suggest would be to tell past or recent mystery stories just like “Lime town” mystery but adding a twist to the show. For example, tell three brief stories of mysteries that nobody could crack but one of the stories have…

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