1. @A_marillo

    Radio Tweet Along


    February 13

    At first I had know clue on what to expect with the radio. I thought we were just going to be listening to a secret agent but as soon as I tuned in I realized I was totally wrong. I was taking aback on how real it was. …

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    “Slow or 800% Slower?”


    When life gives you lemons, you try to make a song 800% slower. Make it 800% Slower instructed me to choose a song and try to make that song 800% slower. The assignment was rated 4 stars which I think was pretty accurate.  First I went to YouTube and choose …

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    “Name the Song”


    For the second assignment I choose to do ” favorite song” which was rated 3 1/2 stars. This brings my required 12 stars of audio assignments to 6 1/2 stars. This assignment was to pick a song but also taking the lyrics out and record 30 seconds of the revised …

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    “My own Mixtape”


    My first assignment of audio week, I decided to do the first thing that popped up which was the assignment called ” Make Your Own Mixtape”. The assignment was rated three stars and it instructed to make my own mixtape out of anything I wanted. I am going to be …

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    Weekly Summary # 4


    Week 4 has come to an end! Just like last week, this week was totally different meaning that is was all about Photography. I come to like this week because it was faster than the writing week and the assignment were fun to do. I am surprised that I came …

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    Start time for the 2o minute Photoblitz challenge:


    Make a photograph that illustrates the weather where you are:

    I decided to do the weather on my weather app

    Take a photo using a camera setting that you are unfamiliar with.

    I usually just take a picture either normal or …

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    Photo Reflection


    While reading ” Becoming a better photographer”, I found myself reflecting on a lot of things. As a kid to now, a college student, I always hated to be in pictures. Every time I even think or see a camera I cringe of the thought of being in the picture. …

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    “Who am I?”


    I decided to pick the assignment ‘ That’s not what I expected” for the first required visual task.  The assignment was to take a close up a picture and have people guess what it is. The assignment was rated 3 stars which was accurate. This assignment seemed easy at first …

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    “Who said What?”


    I decided to pick the assignment ” Who said what” because out of the other two it seemed the easiest to do. The assignment was to find a picture of a well-known secret agent and pick a quote but from another secret agent but change the person who said the …

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    “In the eyes of Agent Zero”


    Continuing on to the second assignment for the Visual Week and I have a total of 6 and 1/2 stars out of the required 6 stars of the visual category assignment bank. I choose to do the visual assignment called ” Can You see what I see” . “Can You …

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    Love at First Shot


    The love at first shot assignment instructed me to find or take a pic of a couple in love and use the picture to tell a story. While I was looking for a picture, it is crazy how many of couples in love showed up so I picked a random …

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    Weekly Summary # 3


    Week three is done! I feel like these few weeks are going pretty fast. However this week was different meaning it was all about writing! When I found out it was writing week I was excited and not at the same time, excited because I had input in this week …

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    Secret Agent World


    I remember when I was a kid I used to watch spy kids all the time. Spy kids is where two kids, brother and sister, learn that their parents were spies after the parents were kidnapped. The story follows Carmen and Juni who decide to become spies themselves to rescue …

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    Agent Zero


    Agent Zero or The Marksmen

    Date of Birth: June 14 1990

    Place of Birth: U.S.A

    Marital Status : Married ( Unknown to the world )

    Occupation: Teacher

    Physical Appearance: Black hair, dark eyes ( dark brown )

    Personal motto: “Waiting. Like it or not, it’s a skill all spies have …

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    Daily Entry


    For this week, I had to watch Vonnegut on the shape of stories and apply one of his methods on one the writing stories in the writing assignment bank. Vonnegut basically explains that stories have shapes which can be drawn. Meaning that a story’s main character has ups and downs …

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    ” A haiku about a haiku”


    For my third and last assignment for the Writing Week I choose to do ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku poem”  with a total of three points which satisfies my requirement for 8 stars of writing category assignment bank! ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem” tasks you …

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    “I’m a Real Boy”


    Continuing on to the second assignment for the Writing Week and I have a total of 5 stars out of the required 8 stars of writing category assignment bank. I choose to do the writing assignment called “I’m a real boy”. “I am a real boy” tasked you to write …

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    “Last Dance”


    I decided to pick the assignment “How does a song make you feel?” for the first required writing task. The assignment was to pick a song from either YouTube or soundcloud that elicits emotion and post it on Twitter.

    So I decided to pick ” Last Dance” by big bang …

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    Weekly Summary # 2


    Th second week is almost over which is crazy since it still feels like I was just starting to create my blog and had no clue what to do. Now the second week I have a better understanding on how Digital Storytelling works and I am begging to begin my …

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    While looking through the required to do for the week,  I came upon the last task which was ” Building Your Participation ” or specifically spending on my blog. I find this interesting that this would be a more advanced form of participation because I never even thought of doing …

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