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    “James Bond”


    For my last assignment I choose from the animated G.I.F. category and furthermore picked to do the first thing I saw when I clicked the category. The result was the assignment called “Subtitle GIF” which basically wanted me to create a GIF and add subtitles by adding subtitles in either …

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    ” I wish, I wish I had this.. “


    My second assignment I picked was from the web assignments category  titled “Create Your Own Room”. ” Create Your Own Room ” assignment was to create a blog post about my dream room by using the pictures of furniture , colors, rooms, etc. from the site Pinterest. This assignment is …

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    ” This Space is for Address Only”


    For my first assignment I decided to randomly pick a category and my result was the Design assignment category. I decided to try something easy for my first try to choose to do “Destination Post Card”. The assignment was to create  a destination postcard using any design software of my …

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    So the week is almost done! I started the class late so when I finally got into the class, I was overwhelmed with all the required things to do: creating a domain, accounts, etc.  and this being my first online class I didn’t know what to expect. However as soon …

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    I actually like the idea of the Secret Agent Theme. It reminds me of when I was a kid  playing all of the Nancy drew games and imagining that I was Nancy Drew fighting crime and discovering all the secret mysteries that nobody could. It also gives the class a …

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    I think the message that the author is trying to convey in the article is a great example for the class especially with several advice that not just one person can relate to. In turn help, the advice will help you and another in developing creativity.

    My Favorite of the …

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