1. aalmberg

    FINAL Summary


        Wow this semester has flown by soooo fast! I can’t believe I am almost done with my undergraduate career. I have learned so many things during this class.  I really enjoyed so many of the projects given and I am proud of MOST of the ones I completed. …

  2. aalmberg

    All in One scene


    This assignment is worth 3 stars. I changed this one up too. I was trying to put this off recording because I have really bad cold. I am so nasally. I cant make any other sound but a deep man voice… UGH! I really wanted to put this info into …

  3. aalmberg

    Selene’s Secret Life


    I shouldn’t tell my story online, but honestly no one will believe it. It will go down as fiction or as tail. You humans do not understand that us DOGS have secret lives. Only a few special breed of humans know everything. They are part of the secret society called …

  4. aalmberg

    Animal Gif


    This assignment is worth  3 stars.  I really love to make gifs. I created 3 gif to show a bit of progression of Selene. They are all from youtube, none  are actually her since she is still actually a very young puppy. I used an online site to pull the …

  5. aalmberg

    Gif List


    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. I took random photos of my planner. I downloaded them into my computer. I used a site online that will animate and create the gif for me. I uploaded the photos I wanted to use. Then I downloaded the completed project.…

  6. aalmberg

    Translate Fail


    This assignment is worth 2 stars.   Original statement: Cats rule and dogs drool! I typed in that saying and then went through a series of different languages. My final out put when translated back to english: Cats and Dogs Drool hat.…

  7. aalmberg

    Theme Song


    This assignment is worth 4 stars. I did not over lay anything, this is just the original track. I just felt that during this mission this is exactly what would be playing. I also knew that if this was real life it needs a song to help move the story …

  8. aalmberg

    Google Maps


    This assignment is worth 3 stars. This was the hardest part yet. It took me quite some time to figure out how to get Google Maps to create lines from different places. First Click My maps. Located next to the search bar. Then Click the New map button Then click …

  9. aalmberg

    Create a Pinterest


    This assignment is worth 3 stars. Originally it was create a vacation but, I am helping prepare for my cousins wedding so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone. I did work for this class and helped prep some ideas for my cousin.…

  10. aalmberg

    PostCards from the past


    This assignment is worth 4 stars. This was my favorite assignment I have created for my final so far. It is a post card from Commander Magic to Selene about her new assignment and how everything is going according to the new plan. To create this piece I used this …

  11. aalmberg

    Post it Note


    This assignment was worth 4 stars. I opened a notes app I have on my computer. Filled out a few of them with information that I wanted to pass on that has to deal with my story. These notes are supposed to represent where Roscoe left off and what selene …

  12. aalmberg

    Wanted Poster


    This assignment was worth 2.5 stars. I completed this assignment earlier in the year. I thought it was really interesting and really cool to complete. I just followed the given online creator. It was very simple to use. Just input the information Then click submit and out came the product.…

  13. aalmberg



    This assignment was worth 3 stars. This was an easy template and online creator to use. The hard part was finding one I liked online. There were a lot of creators that were complicated and were over the top. I wanted something simple and classic. The other hard part was …

  14. aalmberg

    ID for Final


    This assignment is worth 2 stars. It was fairly simple and the options/directions where easy to follow. I went to an online ID creator. Filled out the information I wanted on my ID badge for my story.   Then I submitted it to produce this..  …

  15. aalmberg

    Week 13 and 14


    I am still sooooo full from Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays because I don’t get to see my family a lot. These last two weeks have been a bit more relaxed than other weeks which gave me alot of time to study for my other classes and …

  16. aalmberg

    10 Second throwback- 2


    This assignment was a lot of fun. So when trying to come up with a throwback, I was confused on which throwback to use. I love old songs. I went with the 80’s… I went with mashing up two of my favorite movies breakout songs. I used Unchained Melody first, …

  17. aalmberg

    Super Mash Bros- 4 stars


    This assignment was kinda of difficult. I had to really use my creative juices. I thought I was very creative for this assignment and I hope it looks as cool to everyone else as I think it does. I took the Super Smash Bros Brawl theme song and I imposed …

  18. aalmberg

    Weekly Summary 11and 12


    This past two weeks where a lot of fun! I really liked playing around with iMovie. I felt like movie producer. I had never used iMovie before but I feel much more confident using the program now. I did my six daily creates. I completed  Haiku, Safe Haven, Magnetic Poem, …

  19. aalmberg

    Music Video – 5 stars


    This assignment like most of the assignments this week took a lot of work.  I am really proud of this video. So right now a 80’s workout video had Taylor Swifts Shake it off dubbed over top and it makes a pretty hilarious video. So I took this assignment and …

  20. aalmberg

    Its all about me! – 2 stars


    This is one of the assignments I said I would do last week. I was waiting until the “right” time to record it. I figured why not do this at midnight. I think the late night made it a bit easier to talk about myself. While this was only 2 …

  21. aalmberg

    It all started when I typed hello….


    You know I am not too sure of my first time using the internet. I feel like this generation grew up learning and evolving with technology. I remember using my gameboy original not even color. I remember my family having a mac computer that had games on it. My mom …

  22. aalmberg

    Parking Tickets


    Im not sorry Did you read the sign? It says you need a special pass It says no parking It says no student parking Y you no read?…

  23. aalmberg

    Strip the music – 4 stars


    So this assignment was a lot of fun.  I had to strip the music out of one video and put new sounds on top. I decided to put a different song over top of it and create a new video. I took the band 1975’s song Chocolate and removed the …

  24. aalmberg

    Censored! – 5 stars


    So this assignment was a lot of fun! It also was probably the hardest one I have completed so far. Not only was the process hard to censor a word out but the creative process was hard too. It took me a few days trying to find the perfect video …

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