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    Pearls of wisdom


    Ok, So I wasn’t a huge reader, but I was always a huge disney fan! Here are some my favorite Disney quotes. -“Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” – Pocahontas -“Man has always learned from the past. After all, you can’t learn history in reverse!” – The …

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    Evil guinea pigs


    This is Sweety the guinea pig. She is not so sweet. She is plotting how to first get out of her cage. Once she is out of her cage she wants to put the cat, Little Kitten to rest. This nice cuddly cat sleeps out side of her cage and …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week was a lot of fun. It was totally out of my comfort zone. I had never done a most of the things I completed this week. The radio show I am working with Rachel and Kelsy. We have been throwing ideas around on canvas. We are thinking about …

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    I feel like a….


    Today I went to Busch Gardens. I had a lot of fun riding rides. I am loving October so far with Octoberfest yesterday and Howl-o-Scream today…

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    What The Font?


    This assignment was probably one of my favorite. I am very proud of my work. During this assignment I had to take words and make a shape. I wasn’t sure how to do this. I knew I could write a word into a shape but I wasn’t sure how to …

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    Design Safari


    My cousin was got married today. We got up early to go get our nails done. I figured it was a great day to do this project! I walked around the mall taking photos of a few signs and advertisements I liked. This represents minimalism & use of space This …

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    Venn Pop Culture


    This assignment was actually pretty hard. It was totally worth all 4.5 stars. I had to make a three point venn diagram. I haven’t made a venn diagram since I was in grade school. To create this image first I googled looking for generator online. This site made it super …

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    One Story / Four Icons


    I am a huge fan of the these guessing assignments! This assignment we had to take 4 icons and be able to guess the movie. To complete this assignment I went to google images, typed in item (word I was looking for) silhouette.     So?! any guess?!!     …

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    Empathy Map


    I drew on my empathy map. I am seeing love my roommates are cuddling on the couch watching tv, just being silly. I am hearing the music I am listening to. I just finished rugby practice. I am feeling really happy and all I want is for summer to stay …

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    DS106 Propaganda Posters


    I saw this assignment and knew I had to give a go. It was worth three stars. First I looked up World War II posters. I came across a saying that I hear all the time. A saying that I really think is interesting. A saying that I honestly did …

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    The pirates have landed!


    Arg… Shiver me timbers. I’ve just landed in a town called ole’ Fredericksburg. I traveled up the Rappahannock raiding the towns along the way. I haven’t found much of anything and Fredericksburg is turning out to be a bust too. There isn’t any gold or treasure among these college folk. …

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    Week 5 Summary!


    This week was a lot of fun! I really like taking photos.   I’ve always thought of myself as photographer. Even though I am no where near any real talent. I think my biggest obstacle this week was having a real camera to explore with. The only camera I have …

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    Best of Flickr


      I just wanted to see if I could get a set into this page. I chose a story I have already told many different ways on this site. I just chose the set of national championship. This was the easiest set for me to work with because they were …

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    This was a lot of fun! I did this assignment while at my girlfriend and her roommates flag football game. So my start time was 6:17… I totally forgot to capture the ending result. I thought I had screenshot it but….. I did not. This the photo my friend Jenna …

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    Noise pollution!


    I am still trying to get the hang of using sound cloud. Every time is so much easier. This is 45 sec glimpse of my super exciting saturday night. I am doing a studying  for my Entomology class and working on a couple things for this class.  My girlfriend is …

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    This visual assignment was a lot harder than I thought. I really took a lot of creativity.  First I took my random object just a simple pair of scissors. Then I uploaded the photo into three different websites to do each photo. My first and second photo I uploaded into …

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    This daily create we had to draw our Professor Jen Polack. I drew her grading papers out side by the pool. Who doesn’t want to be pool side? I don’t really know that much about her but she does have bunch of pool photos posted. It is so much different …

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    What is playing on 106 fm on your radio?


    I did this assignment a bit different. I typed 106 fm in to google search and came up with a station called Power 106. This is a hip hop station in Los Angeles, CA. The song that was playing was Studio by SchoolBoy Q. I had never heard the song …

  19. aalmberg

    What Is It?


    This was interesting assignment. Blinds are meant to keep light out of a room. Here I was trying to capture the light coming into my room though the blinds. I had to crack one of the blinds slightly because the light wasn’t showing up on my camera. So what is …

  20. aalmberg

    WANTED Poster


    This wanted poster visual project just looked like it was fun. Now this assignment was only 1 star. It was super easy but it looked like a lot of fun. All I had to do was go the was poster generator site. Type the information in the selected lines and …

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    Make an un-cropped road sign


    I thought that this was such a clever idea! I went searching for google for a road sign and then I was going to figure it out as I went. Well I stubbled across this sign that was already made by someone. This image made me very sad. I know …

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    Story Map


    So my first assignment I completed this week was the Story Map. This assignment was 4 stars. Only 4 more to go! I thought this assignment was fairly easy! It was time consuming though. Very time consuming. I didn’t mind that it took a few hours to complete. I had …

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    Week 4 Summary


    Wow it is the 4th week. I feel like I have learned so much! I feel like every week I say that it is my favorite week. But seriously music is my life. I love to listen to it. It was amazing to really get into audio and really listen. …

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    DS106 Radio


    I didn’t realize that we had our own radio channel for this class! I thought it was all just clips and recordings. I guess I don’t realize how big this class is and how wide spread it can get. It is an open course for anyone to take. It is …

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    Greatest Hits Storytelling


    I went into this assignment thinking it would be super easy. I was so wrong.  This is an easy concept but it was hard to pull off and make it sound like I wanted. My original theme of just a love song kinda turned as I started working on this …

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    Reverse Audio Quiz


    Three clues: 1) This Song is off of her new album 2) She is Queen 3) This is song is pure sex Any guesses?!! Now hopefully you guessed right. This song is Partition by Beyonce. It is one of my favorite songs. It is off of her new video album …

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