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    All about Audio!!


    I really liked Ira Glass’s series on Story Telling. He has a very soothing voice. I had to listen to part one twice because I got lost just in his voice. He explained a story in a way I haven’t really thought about.  I still think like my high school …

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    Show us a feeling


    My childhood dog passed away. I can’t stop thinking about all the fun times I had with her. She taught me so much as a kid. We had so many adventures.…

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      FOOD POETRY Now its time to eat. I am a poor college student. What can afford? How can I eat a balanced diet? My pantry is full of cobwebs I am so hungry. Why is food so expensive? Who is going to feed me?…

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    Getting away with it


    I grew up going on a lot of car trips with my family. Still today I love a good road trip. We didn’t have TV’s in our cars so we would listen to books on tape. It was my favorite thing about the road trips. We would be lost on …

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    Summary Week 3


    This week was very challenging for me not because of the work load but for personal reasons. I was in and out of the doctors off this week.  My computer crashed. My email was hacked and I was unable to get on it. My blog said I had verified it …

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    Yes, Digital Storytelling?


    Being a college student I am a huge fan of wikipedia. No matter how many professor tell me not to start my research there and how bad the site is for facts. I always find myself there starting to look for answers for my questions. This site I thought put …

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    The Shape of Stories


    I have never thought about a story in a graphical form. I have always thought about them in a linear path. So my in theme with my Storytelling post I am going to keep my disney track. Well my new favorite movie right now is the great and wonderful animated …

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    When looking through the in[SPIRE] website I thought how cool and amazing a lot of this art was. Most of the ones I looked at where daily creates. But one post stood out to me over the rest. It probably stood out to me because of how crude and rude …

  9. aalmberg

    “Storytelling” ?


    When I think of the word storytelling one man instantly pops into my head, Walt Disney. He is the ultimate story teller. He has brought many stories not only alive through his cartoons and through his live action movies; but through his kingdom, Disney World.  He took a story book …

  10. aalmberg

    Summary Week 2


    This week turned out to be a lot hard than I realized. A lot of the assignments I thought at first glance would not take very long in reality took me the longest. This week was such a learn experience. I was excited to learn about making gifs. I once …

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    Scott Lockman: the Lo Way


    Scott Lockman has such a soothing voice. I could listen to him speak about anything for long periods of time. I really like the way he has this podcast set up. I really like how he expresses and explains what we he will be talking about for remainder of the …

  12. aalmberg

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    Wesch is a very good speaker. He was very entertaining and funny to listen to.  He starts his talk about how students tune out lectures. I can’t even being to think about how many classes I have attended but have not actually been there. Many of the students confessions I …

  13. aalmberg

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure By Campbell


    This article was very thought provoking for me. Until this class I had used the internet for pleasure mostly. Most of my assignments and  tasks involved with school never had anything  to do with technology. This is my favorite class I am taking this semester. I look forward to the …

  14. aalmberg

    Say It Like The Peanut Butter


    My all time favorite movie since I was in middle school has always been Mean Girls. The movie summary is Cady Heron starts public school for the first time. She has always been home schooled, but even less in the traditional way. She grew up on the African plains. Two …

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    Week 1 Summary


    Just completing my first week here at DS106. This class is proving to be very exciting. This has been a lot of work but honestly it is really fun. I took this class because I already spend a lot of time on the internet. I thought I might as well …

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    Hello… Anyone there?


    Hey guys! My name is Alicia. I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am very excited to take this class. Already I can already tell this class is going to be a lot of work, but fun work. I have set up all my accounts needed …

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