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    to new ds106 students-

    The course in the beginning  is very scary, making your domain was the hardest part of the whole class and it was within the first week.

    After that it is just having fun! I urge shy people such as myself to open and because hey, its …

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    Final week… final proj….




    Hello everyone!! Below is a Link to my final project. I worked really hard on it! In total i used 47 stars from the assignment banks spanning across the four main components of digital story telling, audio, video, writing, and photography. Below my video you can read …

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    Final Project Update 2 week 13


    -Create a silly movie poster –VisualAssignments1987-3.5 stars

    Take an exisiting movie poster and make it look silly. My final project involved an Ewok who wanted to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. This is his idea of a poster.


    -Family friendly billboard-VisualAssignments1973- 4 Stars-photo

    Reconstruct an image of …

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    Hello ds106! Today, I’m going to show everyone how to do a voice over on Movie Maker. Movie maker is a free (with the costly purchase of any macbook by Apple…) video editing software by Microsoft. I discovered this application at the being of the corse when we started video …

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    Video assignments


    When its Cold Outside- Dorm remix.- 4stars #VideoAssignments1929

    Me in Fredvegas enjoying a nice cup of coffee!!! Yes, coffee… i’m a college student remember…


    Spoiler alert 3 1/2 stars #VideoAssignments1917

    The look on Mary’s face says it all… Don’t watch this video if you don’t want the Lord of …

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    Week 11 summary


    Its the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did we make it here? This week went by so fast!

    My Three daily creates-What is beauty to me? Check out my thoughts in my blog post!- link below–

    Daily Create Week 11

    My weekly mashup assignments with two remixes- check out my latest blog post …

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    Final project Brainstorm week 12


    So I was recently incredibly inspired by a television commercial I saw a couple weeks ago while watching the 2016 presidential election. Its a campaign launched by Pandora Radio, an online streaming radio station, called “The Next Song Matters”. You can watch the commercial below-


    It really just changed …

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    Mashup Assignments week 11


    Im ready for my close up -4stars- #MashupAssignments1945

    I made this graphic on Microsoft power point. I always enjoy utilizing Microsoft Powerpoint because the program has has a really cool feature with pictures AND videos assessable to anyone who has the program. Under “Format Picture” there is an option to …

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    Week 10 summary



    Whats up DS106!!!! we are on our way to the end of the school year.. and yall…  I think i’m going Cray Cray!! Who else? anyways, i got all my work done for week, links to my blog posts below!


    My Story telling video-

    Working the Graveyard shift

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    Working the Graveyard shift


    Hello DS106!

    Today Im presenting a video I made from small clips today. Im a chef so sometimes on weekends I have to take one for the team and work a graveyard shift…

    For those of you that don’t know a graveyard shift is when you are scheduled to work …

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    Video assigments week 10


    When its Cold Outside- Dorm remix.- 4stars #VideoAssignments1929

    Me in Fredvegas enjoying a nice cup of coffee!!! Yes, coffee… i’m a college student remember…

    Spoiler alert 3 1/2 stars #VideoAssignments1917

    The look on Mary’s face says it all… Don’t watch this video if you don’t want the Lord of the …

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    Daily create week 10



    Still having some problems with my twitter account… for now, I’ve uploaded my daily creates to flickr.

    Illustrate a world that lack english translation #tdc1757

    My own super hero… #tdc1759

    Pumpkin spice season #tds1761

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    Week 9 summary


    Crazy week! Some how managed to finish everything!

    All blog posts for the week are below!

    My 3 daily creates. I had some trouble with twitter for some reason earlier in he week so they are on my flickr! Check them out in my blog post!

    Daily Create week 9

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    Hello! For my video essay, I decided to apply concepts I learned from week 9’s readings to the first film of my favorite series, Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.



    I created this on iMovie on my Macbook. It been a really cool week …

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    12 star Video assignment


    I really would have preferred to do the other option however its a very busy week for me here at UMW, and i’m not sure if I could meet with anyone :/

    Im really really shy in front of a camera at all. I recorded all 4 of these videos …

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    Meme Radio Broadcast Reflection


    I sometimes just tune in to ds106 radio just for some inspiration. I was listening the other night, and a really old airing of CBS radio was on. It really took me back! The tone of voice, the music, sound effects, and the quality all really brings you back! It …

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    Weekly 8 Summary


    We are half way done with the school year!!! WOHOOO!!!!!! I had a very large abundance of work due this week since it was the week following fall break. I had 3 tests on Friday, what is that!!!! I rocked all of them though, and still had time to complete …

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    Daily create week 8


    SOOO, for some reason my twitter wouldn’t let me upload my Daily create photos this evening.. kinda odd!! I uploaded them to my Flickr account instead! take a look below

    To my little sister- a little poem on my thoughts about college! lol

    To my Friend- just something I thought …

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    The best Of DS106



    Iv always enjoyed reviewing everyones daily creates throughout the week on twitter using the hashtag. I have never used twitter before being in the class, but i really am getting the hang of it! Some are very creative, its inspiring! The cool thing about posting the Daily create on …

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    Week 7 Summary


    The days of my fall semester of junior year are really starting to all blend together! This weekend, my sister is to get married back home in Yorktown, VA. I am so happy for her! I cant wait for the wedding on Saturday.

    Anyways.. back to school things…

    We finished …

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    THE COMPLETE.. Internet radio.


    I have to say ,when I began this project I really thought I would have a hard time keeping up. Im not a fan of collaborating with people who I don’t know. You never know who is going to put forth the effort and who is not. With this class …

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    Another week of junior year under my belt! AND my sister gets married next week. :,) (photos to follow check out my flickr)

    In part, I’m very glad that this assignment forces us to come together outside of the box of our computers. HOWEVER… It has been very difficult finding …

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    Week 5 Summary



    WOW! Another super busy week for me.. I worked every single night from 3-10. Also I had two tests this week in Geography. Luckily I managed to get every thing up and posted for my favorite class, DS106!! My weeks worth of work is available below.




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    Design Assignments!


    My favorite movie quote ever. :,) Its from the original Zoolander. The photo was edited on PicFont.com by yours truly! (2 stars) #DesignAssignments1974

    My digitized self! I tried to pick a photo of me, and design my avatar to look exactly like me. This is what I came up with! …

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    Austin Kleon for President


    1. You don’t have to be a Genius.

    It’s all about the ideas you share! You don’t have to be a Mozart or Picasso… I love this concept because every single different person in the world has different ideas to bring to the table. And once great thinkers come together, …

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