1. @abigailds106

    photo safari


    Living in the Pacific Northwest means rain – and lots of it.

    For my Photo Safari I was confined to the downstairs of my house (living room, dining room, and bathroom). It was definitely a struggle to get the right lighting for a lot of these with the lack of …

  2. @abigailds106

    chicken “tender”


    Luckily for them, these chickens will never become “tenders”- but I’m having a lot of fun tending to them this summer!

    For this visual assignment, I took a selfie with my current pets- this cute flock of chickens. I have a cat back home, but for the summer the …

  3. @abigailds106

    Happiness Guaranteed TV


    If you love HGTV (Home and Garden Television), please raise your hands.

    Apparently, we’re not alone. Look! Here’s proof.

    Even though I’ve completed my fair share of HGTV marathons (and will never stop so help me), I’ll be the first to admit that it’s pure mind-numbing crap. Let’s be …

  4. @abigailds106

    Hello from the other side


    of the country, that is. Happily reporting from the West Coast, where I’ll be for most of the summer. It’s been 10 years since I’ve stepped foot on my native soil, and it feels great to be back. More on that later.

    Onto the basics:

    My name’s Abigail, I’m a …

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