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    Wishlist Kids Donation Design Post


    In the Assignment bank, this wishlist poster was supposed to be for the children of AlDemerdash Hospital. Since there is a hospital in Fredericksburg that shares the same name as the school, I decided to modify the the hospital that these kids were from!…

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    audio reflection


    Sound drives stories in many ways. In my opinion, it can be the most important part of a movie. The sounds people listen to can invoke various feelings in the listener of a audio story or the watcher of a movie. You can watch a scene in a movie where …

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    Speech And Story Audio Distortion


    This assignment was a lot of fun. It was cool to see how easy it is to distort voices.

    This is a little clip of Trump’s “Turn off the lights speech”. It was funny to make it sound harsher.…
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    20 Minute Photo Challenge: ds106 Photoblitz


    This was my list of things that I had to take pictures of. I did not expect to get so excited doing this activity but I did.

    Here is my friend Ryan holding an old photo of himself! Hes changes so much Here is a photo of a beautiful mess.…
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    Looking At Yourself


    Inspired by my previous assignment, I decided to make a self portrait out of shapes. I really liked this approach, as it was very simple but still looked good.…

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    Graphic Gift


    Here is a picture of a vintage microwave that a cleaned up. (I think its from the 80’s!) This would make great clip art.…

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    This photo includes a lot of the elements that were described in “Becoming Better Photographers” I really like the lighting in this photo/ The dim light of the hallway and the lit inside of stores creates a cool look for the viewer. I also like what the moment captures. Just…
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    My photography experience


    I have an interesting experience with photography. When I was younger I would always go into my backyard and take photos of the trees and my dogs. as I got older I stopped taking pictures. Recently though, I have gotten a lot more into photography. I like taking pictures of …

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    Postcards from the Past…


    You and your friends are really excited to see Eddie Murphy’s newest movie, Beverly Hills Cop. While walking toward the movie theatre, you decide to snap this photo.  On your way there you noticed a paper that was headlined Mikhail Gorbachev: new ruler of the Soviet Union. You don’t know …

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    An 80’s Themed Apocalypse



    Section I:

    You will probably die The Apocalypse is not responsible for any injuries
    or deaths You have no control over anything

    Section II:

    During the Apocalypse, you may do anything to
    protect yourself You may put others at risk to…
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    Another Day


    After I picked this assignment, I started to go through my camera roll, looking for a beautiful picture from one of my travels. I thought I had found the perfect picture, a picture of an island in Thailand, but then I realized that that picture was not just “another day” …

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    Make A simple Program


    Name = input(“enter your name:” )
    Pizza = input(“Enter your pizza Size: Small or Large”)
    Topping = input(“Do you want toppings? Yes or No”)
    deliverly = input(“Delivery or Pickup?”)

    print(Pizza + ” pizza for ” + Name + ” with ” + Topping + ” toppings “
    + ” for …

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    It’s a bird, it’s a plane


    As I walked into my house, I noticed something different. Something didn’t feel right. I took out my phone, ready to call someone. I walked over to the light and turned it on. Right there in front of me was a random person sitting on my couch! I was already …

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    My Favorite Photo


    It was quite hard to pick my favorite photo because there are so many that mean so much to me, but I finally decided on this one. This picture was taken last spring after my Track team won the conference championship. After having practice at least once a day for …

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    The 80’s


    When I thought about the 80’s I remember reading about the Challenger Disaster. The Challenger Disaster was a failed attempt to reach space that resulted in the space shuttle blowing up in front of the public’s eyes. Happening in 1986, it was in the middle of the decade and was …

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    Hi my name is Alec and I am Majoring in Geography! I have a GIS certificate and am also minoring in data science!

    Hi everyone! My name is Alec and I am a Senior at UMW majoring in Geography! Very excited to be in this class #ds106

    — ds106alecbiles (@ds106alecbiles) …

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