1. achowfin

    2021 Digital Technologies Roadshow


    The 2021 Digital Technologies Roadshow is a part of the Computer Science offered at Greymouth High School and is a way for the students to step out of their own comfort zone and explore the opportunities and pathways available to them. In the first two terms the Level 1, 2 …

  2. achowfin

    EDEM630-Learning Reflection 4


    The arena that Whitman functions is diverse in nature; it is isolated by the fact that is independently governed by a board. However, it is globally linked in to organisations and an international accrediting body, which allows it to function and contribute to the global 21st century workforce. It has …

  3. achowfin

    EDEM630-The Matrix Explored (eLPF)


    I am apologise if you were looking forward to an explanation of the Matrix and Neo’s journey; I am sorry to disappoint you. This article is more about my journey of discovery of the perfect matrix to adapt and adopt in the ecology of Whitman. I arrived here in January …

  4. achowfin

    EDEM630 Learning Reflection 3-The Realities of War


    Dear Colleagues and fellow travellers on the the digital learning  journey, When I set out to work in a small little school in Amman, run in a residential building, little did I know what was lurking around the corner. Well, I know the danger of being in this area but …

  5. achowfin

    EDEM630 Learning Reflections 2


    Do you sometimes feel like you have just been through a time warp and are not quite ready to come back to reality as yet? Having experienced the mOOC and the SP4Ed, I was on cloud nine for the 2 weeks and just when I was beginning to stay up …

  6. achowfin

    EDEM630 Tomorrow Is Here! #SP4Ed


    Learning Cloud Hubs set up by children who grew up in refugee camps; leading development in their country. So you have been wondering  how it is possible that children who grew up in dire situations could possibly be leading change in their country. The natural deductions that are made are …

  7. achowfin

    EDEM630: Trends In Education # SP4Ed


    This has been an interesting process; sifting through information and deciding whether something will be a trend or shift into the archive room as just a good idea. Manoeuvring through the various predicted trends from various sources, I have identified a few that just jump out of the page at …

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