1. acruz12

    Lucky Number Sleven…


    I’m not talking about the movie, but rather the merger of weeks 6 & 7 that seem to have gotten the best of me in a good and less-then-good way.  I didn’t underestimate the time it would take to edit a movie, I had done so years back with …

  2. acruz12

    Simba’s Dream


    For this assignment, we went brought back the Foley assignment for a 2nd round, taking the clips that the class created and pulling it into the Chaplin video as an exercise of our video editing skills.  Additionally, we took time to create introduction, layer on a new soundtrack, and …

  3. acruz12

    Week 3 – Summary


    This week we took our first step into the world of photo blogging.  We started with a few tips and tricks for composing a photograph, allowing us to appreciate the communication potential and dimensions of photography.  We started by reviewing different photography tips and including them in our own photography.  …

  4. acruz12

    Week 3 – Visual Assignment – A Whole New World


    I chose to use an image a friend sent me from the fresh fallen snow in the Alps and an image of my family in the sunny yet frigid winter in Durham, North Carolina. I combined them because the temperature was the same in both places, so the winter attire …

  5. acruz12

    Week 3 – Photoblitzing Safari




    For this activity, I chose DuPont Circle because there is always a lot of activity happening there.  The interaction of the circle with asymmetrical, yet perpendicular lines creates an interesting dynamic of lines and curves.  Additionally, it acts as centralized social hub, bringing with it a variety of …

  6. acruz12

    Week 2 – Summary


    (Posted well after the fact but better late than never…I hope)


    In week 2, I continued to poke and prod my blog with content and layout.  I half thought of posting an “Under Construction” sign on the landing page, but thought that might be tacky.  I listened to some comments …

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